Emotions activities for Kids Part 1



  • Learn the names of different emotions
  • Expand Emotion vocabulary
  • Act out emotions to become familiar with what each feels like

Age Level:

  • Toddler through ages as interested


  • Print out the cards in color OR
  • If you only have black ink like I did-
  • print and have the kids color with colored pencils or crayons as a separate activity

Cut the cards and place face down in a pile. All the cards don’t need to be used at ONCE. I recommend between 5 and 10 to keep interest, to play on different days.

Game instructions:

  • Play the cards face down
  • Draw a card- read emotion, child expresses that emotion in human form, then in “monster form”
kids emotion activities monsters

I don’t recommend any book reading with this game. This is to explore emotions and learn vocabulary, in a fun way. Children should decided what each emotion feels like and is expressed for themselves.

The next part we will be using a book directly, but in this part, children to interpret for themselves .

emotion activities for kids
emotion activities for kids free printable monster cards
Emotions intro activity
emotions activities for kids
Emotions for kids

The time for kids party theme has come

Wear hats or make your own crowns and be Cat-Kings and Queens. Party on Felines!

Play the Cupcake Game for dessert! Or have dessert first!

Kids can use balls made from playdough (if you add a string it’s a balloon).

Let kids choose how they want to cover the circles.

Beginner Ten Frames Pack- Numbers 1 through 5

Mail birthday cards to each alphabet letter using this fun alphabet match activity.

Kids can mail the cards if provided a box with a slot in it.

Click below for the free printable.

SuperGodNotSuperMom Free Printable Happy Birthday Activity

Get yourself in the party mood by declaring “pizza party day” and getting pizza delivered.

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darned good original



Cupcake and Ten Frames


Emotions Activities for Kids- Intro

Choose an Emoji Card from the Deck and build Emoji from Skittles
Finished Anger Emoji, getting water ready to pour
Does the result of the experiment “look like” the emotion on the card- Anger?


  • Open up discussion to talk about emotions in an objective framework.
  • Use Art mediums to express emotions.
  • Practice connecting the invisible with the visible and physical expression.


  • Game
  • Interactive
  • Open Ended
  • Exploratory


Emotions activities for kids
Emotions activities for kids introduction – BOOK ONE
Emotions activities for kids introduction
Emotions activities for kids introduction BOOK 2
  • 1 person reads
  • 1 person acts an emotion

Any book that allows the emotions to be acted out can be used.

Choose a card from the Emoji card deck. Make Emoji Skittles emotion.

Emotions activities for kids
Skittles Emotions activity cards pg 1
Skittles Emotions activity cards pg2
Skittles Emotions activity cards pg3

Free Printable Pack Includes:

  • Supplies list & Prep (cards printed/cut, water, 1 pk skittles)
  • Detailed Lesson Activity Instructions

aka Ms. Grouchy Pants

aka Captain Buttcheeks-

building skills but not in a boring way.

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Emotions Activities for Kids


Simple answers to Boredom. Really.

social distancing 4 weeks and counting

Last week of last month, I began social distancing.

A week later, I wrote my first COVID-19 post.

A week after that, we shopped for supplies, ordered a case of toilet paper from Amazon, wrote another post,

And wrote another post to help folks get a handle on needed supplies before the panic hit.

The next week, schools closed here in Oregon and panic hit.

While I’m not exactly happy to be right, I’m happy to be prepared.

Our SE Oregon is rural, opposite of the state from Portland. testing= NONE. Cases= 2 as of yesterday.

False Sense of security? YOU BET.

ANSWER> Spiritual Renewal. Deeper connection with Nature. Humor.

  • Hydroponics: There are small, reasonably priced- hydroponics to grow herbs and cherry tomatoes.
  • Cut and Bend bush or tree branches into a shape FOR A FRAME; decorate.


Create safe places for frogs and other critters. Even in overgrown lots. Only branches are necessary.


Buy a bird feeder or build one. Ditto for a bird bath. Better yet, use what you can upcycle.


If we make our planet sick, we will make ourselves sick.

We are connected.


I am reaching out to friends through social networking and offering to run errands for seniors and single parents. Even though it is personally uncomfortable for me to do this. We each can do one small thing.
This is me. Mel. As Always Living through Learning. I wish EACH of you WELL and, may we all really live, learn, and RELEARN.
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Boredom answers


Preschool Visual Discrimination- Woodland Animals

Preschool Visual Discrimination

One of the first concepts I introduce with new students is “similar”, = “the same but different”.

Reaction GIF by moodman

EXPERIENCE. As a Parent of Siblings, and Teacher of Siblings.

Life IS fair, it just is the SAME but Different. Each child is given what is needed by me, by others, but it looks different. That doesn’t mean it isn’t similar. Because things LOOK different, doesn’t mean they aren’t the same.

We realize this with mature thinking. It’s a great life skill concept to introduce at a young age.

It also helps deflate sibling squabbles or jealousy.

Academically, differentiation helps to train the eye to learn differences in alphabet letters. Minute differences, like d and b, or I and T.

Visual discrimination pages are a staple= because of the variety of skills they build: fine motor, patience, critical thinking, pre literacy.

preschool practice page

Positional practice preschool page

Preschool Visual Discrimination
Preschool Visual Discrimination

Poddy Training Routine when it has to get done

toddler routine
Toddler Routine List

I made this to use for a poddy training toddler during the time school is out for her sibling. I need a list to make sure we are going to the poddy on a regular basis, even when I get distracted!

The format is flexible, that’s why I will write the time in, or use a check mark.

Toddler routine free printable childcare parents
Toddler Routine Printable
16 months old or 7 years old, different but the same ha

poddy training routine printable
poddy training routine printable

Literacy + Easy= Preschool Egyptian Necklace

“Joelle” Name Example for the egyptian necklace
Preschool Egyptian Necklace
Preschool Egyptian Necklace= Cartouche

This activity helps my preschoolers realize the context behind letters. It’s easier to comprehend context, because there are pictures representing letters.

no prep= printable+glue+ribbon

They are enthusiastic about seeing their names another way.

I have a personal passion for all artistic expressions,Art Deco being one of my fav’s. Art Deco, and other art forms are influenced by Egyptian expression.

In the American school System, we frequently introduce older cultures in junior high and high school. This doesn’t make sense to me.

If preschoolers can understand dinosaurs, they can understand people lived a long time ago. I use a map/globe, to show them where we are-and Egypt. Preschoolers have no problem with the general knowledge of this.

Preschool is the perfect age to introduce older cultures, they are still curious and interested in everything. Their brains are still growing like a weed! By junior high, we are competing with the instant gratification of technology/gaming.

The instructions and the book titles we read for this are in the download.

WARNING: use supervision while students are making/wearing necklace. *choking * tie it loosely & make sure it goes OVER the head.

for awesome egyptian necklace instructions
download link to find out


St. Pats DIY Decorations-Decor Ideas

I had already packed St. Pat’s craft supplies.

But, I decided I needed more outdoor decor.

I gathered toddler activity supplies and grabbed random items.

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
St Patrick’s Floral Doorstep Decor

This totally looks great to the cars driving past. The light reflects off of the sparkly and shiny bell.
A ceramic container I no longer used, shamrocks, bells and coins stuck on sticks wrapped with washi tape. I cut the coins out of a piece of goal foam. Green foam flower stickers and fake carnations I had used for Valentine decor.
St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
Hanging Paper Shamrocks with Coins

Funky but, admit it..Festive!

I’ve been playing with the drill and drilled holes in the coins. I threaded it all together with embroidery floss. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the washi tape stick. ha

Rock the Shamrock Wreath.

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
Paper Rock the Shamrock Wreath

Wreath directions from link below. This is the decoration we made that has lasted through

SNOW AND WIND, people!!

not the funnest thing in the world

For 3 years. Easiest and I’m not exaggerating , quickest & easy. I came up with this because I’m cheap and impatient. ha

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
Unicorn Shamrocks multi use charmer

Favorite Alert!

I’ve been experimenting with 3d paper crafts. This one was totally fun to make and it has a UNICORN with a tassel at the end.

I had to FUNK it up. Otherwise it’s boring. Shamrocks.

This is very long, it will work lovely for high ceilings. I even had it hanging over my curtains which I liked.

However, the luck kept crying to go outside…

The wind blows it, it hangs straight down like it’s suppossed to be like that. ha.

Still not the funnest thing in the world

I printed out a shamrock template.

I traced and cut out the shamrocks

I folded 3 or 5 together, placed a long ribbon in center & glued.

I did that all the way down the string.

I cut yellow circles and taped them together with the string inside

I stuck the foam coins on the outside of each of those circles.

Glued 3 Uni heads together ON the string, because the horn is too thin for a hole punch circle.

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas charmer
St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas charmer

I needed an excuse to make tassels.


Decorations are made from colored printer paper. Fancier papers will be festive and less funky. ha.

Have a break, have a nature scavenger hunt for kids
Last Minute St Patrick’s Decorations


Flutter Flutter Roll, and Color a Butterfly Preschool Math Game

Preschool Math dice Game Butterfly
Roll and Color a Butterfly Math Game

Direct Download Link Under Flying Butterfly

This game is sweet because children can match and count.

This game is effective because it teaches 1:1 correspondence.

This game is fun because it’s interactive.

Colors Book List Printable Included

This game is art because each child decides how to color the wings.

This game practices taking turns, counting, fine motor and color identification.

This game is versatile because mixed age groups and levels can play at the same time.

Fly Fly Little Butterfly

Shake the Sillies out Preschool Brain Breaks

Shake the Sillies out Preschool Brain Breaks

Preschool Brain Breaks
Shake the Sillies Out

I made these because I like to act things out as a teacher.

I especially like to act like an animals. I like to be silly all the time because it’s my go to stress reliever.

Kids are kids and even if they look at me weird, they still crack up. This week I overheard 7 year old boys at recess. They yelled in unison “Captain Buttcheeks” and shake thier legs. When I saw Parker the next day I said, “Never fear, Captain Buttcheeks is here!” His reaction displayed shock and a smile.

Always keep them guessing. oh yeah, and download below.

shake the sillies out preschool brain breaks
shake the sillies out preschool brain breaks

NEXT-Preschool Positional Practice with Elephants

Preschool Positional Practice
Preschool Positional Practice Elephants

1 thing a lot of parents don’t realize is how knowing positional words helps with vocabulary, verbalization=reading and comprehension. It’s also a brain growth critical thinking thing.

This is a beginner’s practice page- introducing positional words.

Take the page and introduce the words while using a manipulative. (object) It can be anything small to place in different positions over the flower image with the elephant.

I usually grab whatever is close. Usually a glass stone or eraser, or even a small toy the student is fond of.


  1. Based on the student’s attention span, quickly or slowly place manipulative on each position and say the word.
  2. Have the student move the manipulative and say the word, or repeat the word after you, based upon individual knowledge.
  3. Based on the student’s interest, do this a number of times in different order. Take turns, similar to a game format.
  5. At the end of activity, go REALLY fast and silly, and the student does the same.
mary berry were here to make it fun arent we GIF by BBC

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips

Corona Virus- The down-low from an Oregonian; including printable lists

*disclaimer: I am sharing information based on my knowledge and experience. Please adapt for your needs.

**Always seek medical help if experiencing breathing issues.

CORONA VIRUS car kit preparation sample


1. Track geographically. I live on the other side of state from Portland.

REALITY: 3/7/20- First case in my county .

2. People carrying it don’t always show symptoms. It can be transmitted with or without symptoms.

REALITY: My husband and I are empty nesters, live in an remote area, and work around few people. We count on being exposed.

3. Not enough testing kits, delay in state lab processing Corona Virus tests, delay in actual numbers of positive cases. Oregon appears to have less cases then it actually has.

REALITY: Neither of us have major health issues, especially respiratory. Keeping distance from elderly friends in case we are positive carriers with no symptoms.

4. Official recommendations: Wash hands/don’t touch face/ stay home if sick.

REALITY: I wear fingerless gloves in public places and Lysol upon return, wash my hands as soon as I get home. (I wear during winter to combat dry skin)

I USE BAR SOAP. I DON’T USE HAND SANITIZER AS IT ONLY KILLS A % of GERMS, there’s no evidence it kills the Corona Virus, and the use of it breaks down the immune system.

I also spray store bought items with Lysol, once arriving home.

*If I took any type of public transportation, I would wipe every thing down where I was going to sit/touch.

Carhartts finger less work gloves click for link (non affiliated)

Preparation Step 1:

“Natural Disaster”- akin to Corona Virus prep.


Spouse employed at college, there are no procedures in place. Employees/students may be quarantined there for a period of time, it’s located across from the hospital.

I have had this in my car for the past few years since I began childcare.



MY REALITY: Oregon follows whatever the CDC page says. I pay attention to my state and county sources of how the Corona Virus testing ismanaged, and positive case locations.

I check random news sources, often through podcasts. Local news/print, state news/print, 411 podcast for statistics.

My Reality: It’s early days….

If I hear an assertion, like, “warm weather kills the Coronavirus”, I check SNOPES.COM to confirm.

For the first time, today’s local recommendation included; if one is elderly or has health problems, to stay home.

The hospital cancelled a health fair today, finally community institutions are taking notice that yes, we should try to avoid crowds/public places if possible.

Download Home Information Checklist here:

Corona Virus Home Quarantine preparation:

Sample of Corona Virus Home Quarantine Supplies

Download Corona Virus Home Quarantine supplies list below:

LATEST (vetted) corona virus podcasts below:

Awareness and Preparation= Getting through this with a sense of “I’ve got a handle on this”


I finally get to be right about something.
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips

Preschool Positional Practice Activity

Preschool Positional Practice
Preschool Positional Practice

Many parents don’t realize is how knowing positional words helps with vocabulary, verbalization=reading and comprehension. It’s also a brain growth critical thinking thing.

This is a beginner’s practice page- introducing positional words.

Take the page and introduce the words while using a manipulative. (object) It can be anything small to place in different positions

But it would be awesome to have the child collect a dandelion or leaf for this activity.


  1. Based on the student’s attention span, quickly or slowly place manipulative on each position and say the word.
  2. Have the student move the manipulative and say the word, or repeat the word after you, based upon individual knowledge.
  3. Based on the student’s interest, do this a number of times in different order. Take turns, similar to a game format.
  5. At the end of activity, go REALLY fast and silly, and the student does the same.

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips

Similar. Preschool Activity.

Preschool Visual Discrimination
Preschool Visual Discrimination


Why do I make visual discrimination pages that have similar, instead of matching objects?

I introduce SIMILAR, a process of critical thinking, to build life skills. That is why my Visual Discrimination are not MATCHING pages.

Life IS fair, it is the SAME but Different for each of us.

Each child is given what is needed by the teacher, by others, but it looks different. That doesn’t mean it isn’t similar. Because things LOOK different, doesn’t mean they aren’t the same.

We realize this with mature thinking. It’s a great life skill concept to introduce at a young age.

Academically, differentiation helps to train the eye to learn differences in alphabet letters. Minute differences, like d and b, or I and T.

download page below

another practice page


preschool and kindergarten math dice game roll and draw a rabbit

preschool math game roll and draw a rabbit
preschool math game roll and draw a rabbit

Preschool and Kinder math dice game builds pre literacy and printing skills.

Use this with any Spring, Animal, or Rabbit book as an extention activity.

Supplies: 1 die, printable for each student.

Students take turn rolling dice, and draw the lines indicated under the die symbol. If student has already rolled and drawn the number rolled, she can draw again or not draw. Student chooses his own rabbit style.

I created this game to give students drawing confidence. I have heard 3 year old students express they can’t draw. I have observed this especially if there is an older sibling who draws well. This game helps to instill confidence in students to try and realize they can even when they believe otherwise.



Rolling Rainbows, Preschool Math Game

Preschool Math Dice Game Roll and color a rainbow
Preschool Math Dice Game Roll and color a rainbow
Yay Spring is on it’s way!
  • Tried, Tested, Observed- Skill Building-YEP
  • Kids love it. It’s active, It’s fun, It’s action packed.- YEP
  • Differentiated- YEP
  • NO Prep- YEP
  • Kindergarten Common Core Prep- YEP
Preschool Math Dice Game Roll and color a rainbow

Hop on over with Positional Practice

Preschool Positional Spring Practice Page March Rabbit and  Clover
Preschool Positional Practice Page

Kids will love being a bunny for positional practice.

For example, hopping *under* the ceiling, or *under* the play structure outside.

Will they remember the words? Yes, because they become the words.

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
positional practice for preschoolers

How gaming meets kids psychological needs and what you can do about it

How gaming meets kids psychological needs and what you can do about it

My step son was 13 when my husband and I got together. He spent all of his free time in his dark room playing XBOX.

My adult kids are old enough that they were preteen/teens by the time every single teen had a phone. So they missed the “getting needs met by gaming” phenomenon.

gaming and kids needs
ME= What is gaming what is a gamer what is Halo why do you wear hoodies in 80 degree weather?

Don’t think I didn’t give in, either.

Was it my idea to buy him the latest PlayStation model for his 17th birthday?

Before I accepted reality, I was always on his case/we went on family trips. Like the beach/comic cons etc.

I knew he and many many many too freaking many teens use gaming as their social outlet. But I was ….


As a “teacher”( formal or not) I was in tears with the “wasted potential”. He aced standardized tests in every area– you feel me ?

Yesterday I heard, “‘the psychological needs that gaming meets….'”

I am paraphrasing- what Nir Eyal discussed.

Preventing YOUR communication from looking like mine :

Dad finally DID make son walk to corner store once a day on weekends. He did walk to school which was 1.5 miles away. (remember we live in a small town) At least we knew he got excercise.
This is really difficult if not started before preteen age, regardless of personality.

EVERY small victory is a BIG VICTORY!

Said step son may have spent 12 hours in his room, but doggone it he walked for 30 minutes that same day ha. AND LETS BE REAL. Your kids will be less resistant because it’s not a step monster bringing in all these new ideas into the dynamic!

We want to keep our kids safe, by doing this we have a challenge finding ‘safe risk’ activities. We can’t say “go play outside” unless its a fenced backyard, and we STILL check every 5 minutes am I right?

what evil looks like hahhahaha

By understanding how gaming can grow to meet needs, we have the tools to keep gaming as a recreational activity, to continue meeting needs OFF LINE.

Preschool Visual Discrimination
how gaming meets psychological needs of kids

Saved by Brain Breaks- Play

Preschool Brain Breaks Cards
Brain Break Cards

You say Preschool? I say everyone!

Are you kidding me? I use these when *I* need a brain break!

CUT ‘EM up, or don’t.

PRINT, and use.

Dude, I use the cards because when I most need a brain break, I

FORGET. I can’t have an original silly thought.

It’s always animal noises I remember and even I get bored with doing the same thing all the time!

NO kidding. I make these for my self, too.

remember when we used to say:

Preschool Visual Discrimination
brain breaks for kids


Roll and Color Preschool Math Game- Think Differently.

Preschool Dice Game Roll and Color
Preschool Dice Game Roll and Color St Patricks
Think Differently. Start building those common core skills in preschool, with a simple, fun and effective learning format.
Even Sponge Bob uses lists. ha ha


  • Tried, Tested, Observed- Skill Building-YEP
  • Kids love it. It’s active, It’s fun, It’s action packed.- YEP
  • Differentiated- YEP
  • NO Prep- YEP
  • Kindergarten Common Core Prep- YEP
  • NOTE: During homework help, I noticed a 1st grade student counting the 10 frame individually. He was not my preschool student. However, in Kindergarten he picked up Common Core easily.
  • Yet in First Grade, he. made mistakes by rushing during the tests. Especially with showing the steps in answers.
  • I used guided practice by reviewing: looking at the amount of the ten frame and knowing it. (subitizing)
  • If preschoolers practice – practice-THEN in Kindergarten continue- practicing- this format of subitizing? It’s less likely they will lose the process when under test pressure in 1st grade.

Eventually I will sell these in a pack. So get ahead of the pack. (pun intended)

preschool and kindergarten math dice game
st patricks preschool and kindergarten math game roll and color
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Roll and Color St Patrick’s Preschool Math Game

Preschool I SPY March Theme

Preschool I SPY
Preschool I SPY for March

I use this for beginning preschool skills. Many of the I Spy printables I located had WAY too many items for numbers 1-5 practice.

This is an I production I Spy practice Page. It goes with my rock the shamrock sheep activities . WHY?

Hearts make shamrocks! Shapes make pictures.

Secretly loving unicorns

Download link below


Be Aware and Prepare without freaking out- CoronaVirus Covid 19

coronavirus soap not sanitizer readcountcraft
coronavirus soap not sanitizer

I started posting about COVID 19 the last week of Febuary because I believed Americans were not taking it seriously. My state of OREGON, had a delayed response in managing the outbreak- basically only following Federal requirements. Our numbers are false, OR has WAY more cases but its the way the issue is being handled here.



1. Soap kills more germs then hand sanitizer.

2. If hand sanitizer is over used it will decrease the body’s immunity.

3. Hand Soap kills more germs then Hand Sanitizer.

4. We don’t know if Hand Sanitizer kills Covid-19.

Why Institutions use Hand Sanitizer:

1. Less Mess

2. If soap scum is present, germs can grow.

3. Soap and Water are unavailable.

HOME: Use soap and water.

OUT: Use generic diaper wipes. They are cheaper and wipe everything, including hands.

I am offering bite size practical tips, so readers don’t have to do all of the research that I did ,(multiple media sources). “Tips” drawn from work experience, listed at bottom of post.

coronavirus covid19 Checklist
coronavirus covid19 Checklist
corona virus covid19 podcasts
corona virus covid19 podcasts

-Get your news from Podcasts, not mass media.

  • Easier to vet bias. Reading the general description will reveal if it’s political or health related. Or, it’s easy to tell once the person starts talking. The best podcast episodes have a discussion panel of medical experts.
  • Busy People friendly. Podcasts can be listened to on a commute, while fixing dinner, I’m listening to a birding podcast as I type this.
  • Bite size compacted information. There is not as much sensationalized because there is not the visual medium to make it so.


This Week in Virology is one of the best podcasts out there to learn. The podcast has always been about viruses by several virologists. Updated bi weekly.

Corona Virus 411 Daily Update Podcast

“Coronavirus 411 provides daily updates, news, alerts, and information regarding the Coronavirus. Coronavirus 411 podcast collects Information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the World Health Organization (WHO) and other news sources. This information is meant to help people stay informed and updated about Coronavirus.”

This is good for global status and overall viral summary.. However I find my state alerts is best for state numbers. 411 updates, but by the time it broadcasts, Oregon numbers are higher..

5 Live Science Podcast with Dr. Karl and CoronaVirus

Episode: Dr Karl And Coronavirus 2/29

“Rhod’s joined by Dr Karl plus special guests Yolanda Plowman and Joanna Rothwell for a Coronavirus special.”

95% of the podcast answers/clarifies common questions.

corona virus covid19b
corona virus covid19 finding relevant info

The good news is the CDC now allows states and cities to test without permission.

CDC Website below:

My main concern about the CoronaVirus Covid-19 is how each state/city is managing outbreaks. I’m in Oregon, on the opposite side of the state from Portland. No surprise that an elementary teacher tested community (non china related) positive there.

I am going to check tomorrow with a friend who can tell me if procedures are in place at the 1 hospital. I doubt it, but the good news is by the time it hits our area, we will be. (remote small town)

If you live in an urban/suburban area, contact your local hospitals/schools and ask if they have a procedure in place, or when they will put one in place. Institutions will implement under state directions, Google your state health authority/department.

This is what I googled to find Fresno California Coronavirus: ‘ fresno ca health department corona virus’.

Results: news articles and official health department info/links.

Google a similar combination for your state/city if you are unaware of the EXACT Health Department Name.

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Professional background below

The side effect of my career background is personal health/safety management. I’ve worked in:

Adult Homes for the Mentally Ill- Licensed sanitation and hygiene practices, awareness, assisting in client and self health prevention management from colds to changing diapers.

Rest Homes (seniors): Mersa and other communicable health issues, including prevention suits- changing diapers et. al.

Home Health Aide for seniors and mentally ill in their house- These homes are not always completely hygienic.

My Home Daycare following licensing standards- Disaster training required for all day care facilities including writing a plan for 5 possible disaster types.

Preschool Facilities where teachers deal with FLU, COLDS, RSV, etc, LICE prevention on a daily basis.

AND: CPR/EPI-PEN/Diabetes/Adult Aggression

None of these are specific to possible epidemics, however, they are all specific to physical (& mental) HEALTH Prevention, Management, and Crisis.

Rock the Shamrock Activities for Kids

Rock the Shamrock Activities for Kids


This is a Wreath now 3 years old.

I didn’t have a Blog 3 years ago, but we had a great time making this wreath. I cut the shamrocks out, because I like to cut out shapes. However, the Shamrock shapes can be bought. They will be more uniform.

I had a lot of process art that I couldn’t bring myself to toss. I cut shamrock shapes out of some of it so the art wasn’t a total waste.

I did not use tape sparingly, I used white duct style tape but you can use green also. It doesn’t really matter. I believe art is freestyle and most don’t notice imperfections.

Also kids aren’t going to want to stand around while the teacher spends 5 minutes getting the tape “just right”

Completed Shamrock Wreath
Layer the wreath with taped shamrocks.
I bought the frame at the dollar store, it is particle board and I painted the top part green. I used green duct tape when we made it, then re-taped for this photo,
ha ha.
This photo demonstrates the look of the frame and how we “layered” the wreath.

Rock the Shamrock Sheep -baaa

I love using shapes to make pictures, and I saw a comic shamrock sheep drawing somewhere which sparked the idea.

D was going to enter Kindergarten, I liked using SH in sheep and shamrock.

I didn’t have a bulletin board, but I did have a fridge.

the funnest part is to go- baaaaaa, and then a goat goes -maaaa, but a sheep goes- baaaa- aaa- aaa
This is my humble unedited photo. They are saying baaaaa….
Can you spy shamrocks cut out of adult coloring pages? I keep extra shamrocks on hand because well, versatility and I REUSE.

As a part time Nanny I like to make extra projects for the kids, and here is a version of the Shamrock Sheep craft I turned into a kit for the family to make together.

Luck is love multiplied, Spy the Hearts?

All Supplies needed shown. Glue, poms, shamrocks, black and white paper to cut, butcher paper to glue it all on, and coloring tools.


Rock the Shamrock Sheep
I did an outline in peach, then retraced with black. Cut an ovalish for the head, and trace around it. DON’T OUTLINE THE HEAD IN BLACK, ONLY PEACH. BLACK CONSTRUCTION PAPER= 4 LEGS, 2 EARS, 1 TAIL. CUT OUT FACE, after tracing around it, place ears over each side of face, and trace the ear corner onto face and butcher paper. Color in ears.
Besides the Shamrock variety, you need 4 heart shapes to make a Shamrock in the Sheep’s middle.

Make a Big Shamrockstar Sheep for a Small group project, or a smaller one for 1-2 kids. Older kids can complete a big one. Take into account time to complete and size of shamrocks, when deciding your Shamrockstar Sheep Size.

Shamrock Crafts for Kids

Teachers can never have too many brain breaks

March Preschool Brain Breaks
March Preschool Brain Breaks

This is versatile for St Pat’s day but notice, also OPPOSITES (hello/goodbye) and COUNTING (coins) for invisible learning opportunities. HA!

I can’t tell you how many times I pulled out brain breaks when I noticed myself feeling impatient or frustrated.

download below ….baaaa


Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine
March Preschool Brain Breaks

How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation With Kids of All Ages (Guest Post)

Source: Pexels

How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation With Kids of All Ages

Growing up, you might have gone on a few fun family vacations, and now you’re thinking of taking your own family on a similar trip. As you begin planning your trip, you might wonder how you can make sure that everyone has a good time. 

Planning a family vacation that satisfies everyone’s interests will take some thought, but considering how you can meet all your children’s needs in advance is worth it. By the time you get home, they will probably start asking when you can visit somewhere new! Here are a few tips to help you pull off the perfect family vacation, no matter how old your children are. 

Secure Your Home

Have you ever worried about the security of your home while you were away on vacation? By setting up an effective home security system before you leave, you can rest assured that your property and belongings will be safe while you’re out of town. For example, you may want to install an automatic door lock

Other smart devices, like programmable lights and a doorbell camera that lets you know if someone is on your property, can provide additional security. According to Nationwide, putting lights on a timer can make it look like someone is still home, which deters would-be burglars. 

Consider Going All-Inclusive

Image via Pexels

If you’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before, you might be surprised by some of the perks and how affordable it can be when you factor in all the services the resort provides. According to U,S, News, prepaying for a stay at an all-inclusive resort will make it easier for you to budget, because you won’t be pulling out your wallet for every little thing you purchase on the trip and trying to keep track as you go. 

When your family stays at an all-inclusive resort, there will be no shortage of things for the kids to do. Most resorts have organized activities for children and teenagers, so their parents can enjoy some downtime. 

Book Spacious Accommodations

Not interested in staying at an all-inclusive resort? If you’re staying in a hotel room or an AirBnb, make sure to book a space where everyone will have plenty of room. Yes, the kids may have to share a room out of necessity, but each member of the family should still have the opportunity to get a little alone time if they need it. 

If you and your kids feel cramped at your accommodations, you’ll likely have to deal with more arguments, and no parent wants to deal with squabbles between siblings on vacation. Keep the peace by ensuring that everyone has breathing room. 

Be Ready to Compromise

What is the key to making sure that everyone is reasonably happy on your family vacation? Be willing to compromise, and make it clear from the get-go that everyone will get the chance to see and do what they’re interested in. Do your best to keep your itinerary fair. You don’t want one child to feel left out, while another gets to choose several activities. 

Explore Outdoors

Image via Pexels

Want to make sure that the kids are totally worn out by the end of the day? Spend plenty of time outdoors! Whether you want to go hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, or simply exploring the wilderness at a nearby state park, there are plenty of opportunities to see the great outdoors on your next vacation. Outdoorsy activities can be fun and appropriate for all ages. 

Going on a family vacation can inspire a love of travel in your children. Plus, you’ll get a welcome break from the responsibilities of the real world for a few days. When your trip is over, you and your family will already be talking about planning your next vacation. 

Daniel Sherwin

how to plan a fun family vacation with kids


Inclement weather? No prep preschool practice sheet

Preschool Practice Page Tracks Visual Discrimination
Preschool Practice Page Tracks Visual Discrimination

Honestly, we believe Spring weather is right around the corner. Pinterest is already showing Spring theme searches.

Where I live, we get ALL four seasons. SE Oregon, -not Portlandia, Oregon mountains on the dry side of the state. Spring here doesn’t pay attention to the official date of spring. Many years we get some snow AFTER the first day of spring!

Kids who grow up here, wear shorts if its 37 degrees, and, I use a lot of winter-ish themes. haha. I also like to cross-theme, for repetition. This practice page has hearts (valentines/shapes) and snowmen/snowflakes (winter/weather), which I use for review.

If you are lucky enough to live where Spring starts on time, save this for your next “non holiday” winter activity.

Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine
Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine

Preschool Brain Break Game. Spring Pets Animal Theme Cards

Preschool Brain Break Cards
Preschool Brain Break Cards


Toddlers and Preschoolers


A game or random brain breaks


Any Time


Print out cards, laminate if desired. Place card in pile, each child takes turns identifying and acting out. The other students say the name of the animal, then act out.


To learn animal names, take turns and get our energy out!

Preschool Brain Break Game.  Spring Pets Animal Theme Cards


Preschool Memory Game hearts and snowflakes


Print 2 or more copies, laminate for long term use.

Play as a Memory game. This game practices visual discrimination as well, which helps build letter recognition skills.

Game is used with small groups OR a single player can match the vards, still building memory and visual discrimination skills.

Preschool Memory Game
Preschool Memory Game

Preschool Math Memory Game

Preschool Math Memory Game

Preschool Math Game
Preschool Math Game

This game is played as a Standard Memory or Matching Game.

Skill Building:

MATH: Counting, Subitizing, Number Recognition

SOCIAL SKILLS: Following Directions, Turn taking, waiting

Preschool Math Activity Memory Game
Preschool Math Activity Memory Game, Match the Picture Dice card with the Plain Dice card


1. For beginners: Print out 1 copy of each page. Laminate if desired.

2. Cut out cards. Place upside down and spread out on table.

3. Take turns choosing a card, and find the match, like a standard memory game.

4. Play individually, centers, small groups.

5. Add more cards to original deck as skill level increases.

6. Students will need a instructor guidance until they remember the mechanics of the game and are familiar with it. Then, decreased instruction. Repetition of any memory game will aid in learning and retaining information.

Updated: Best Podcasts about Corona Virus outbreak

Updated: Best Podcasts about Corona Virus outbreak

bestcoronavirus information podcasts updated

This was first published the last week of February. Podcasts vetted and updated.

The purpose of this blog is mainly preschool and younger children’s activities, however I post about awareness issues that effect families . I wrote the original post because it was difficult to find information, and few appeared to be taking the management of the virus seriously.

Working with many licensed facilities supporting different at risk populations means I’ve had a 5 pack of breathing masks, 2 first Aid kits, almost obsessive behavior to keep my hands clean for several years. I don’t touch public door handles, I strive to avoid close contact with the public, and my peers have perceived me as a general hypochondriac. Whatever, I agreed with Gates and I’m right, ha.

The Corona Virus information on social media ranges includes conspiracy theories and racism toward Chinese.

I prefer podcasts for information as episodes are usually jam packed, have a descriptive title and in general can be vetted for authenticity easier then YouTube or ugh mainstream TV News.

Most current CoronaVirus subject podcast episodes are junk discussions..Please understand I have ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATION WITH ANY OF THESE BUT DISCOVERED RECOMMENDED PODCASTS WITH A GENERAL SEARCH AND LISTENING. Used critical thinking ears.

Best Podcasts/ Episodes about Corona Virus outbreak:


From The Irish Times, stating it will start podcasting daily updates (from weekly)
Global News Podcast
From the BBC daily update
Image result for coronavirus fact or fiction cnn podcast
CNN Daily Podcast
Daily case statistics, basic info 4 minutes long

best podcast episodes about Corona Virus outbreak

“Vaccines and the N Corona Virus”

Tight packed 4 minute episode explaining the “big picture” of the virus.

Another great related episode is the latest episode, located on the page at the same link. “Pandemics vs Epidemics What they are and how they happen”

best podcasts about coronavirus
BOTANICAL BIOHACKING ( blog and podcast)

Episode: CoronaVirus as a Damp Plague

Chinese Doctors with SARS epidemic experience, explain ” how Novel CoronaVirus causing pheumonia fell into the Damp Plague Category”

Admittedly this is a brainy medical podcast, some of it went over my head, however I found the intro portion and the last portion quite informational. The last portion explains why self medicating “herbal” treatments do not work, and gives explanations of prevention and prevention tips.

One Goal, One Passion- Living through Learning.

DIY Valentines Day Wreath

DIY Valentines Day Wreath

DIY Valentines day wreath
DIY Valentines day wreath

My Goals met in DIY Valentines Day Wreath Craft Idea:

Max supply cost 5$, Max time to make 10 min,

A DIY Valentine Wreath I can display before and after Valentine’s Day = lack of clutter. I’m not a fan of wreaths in general, most are unwieldy to store. This one is easy to store.

DIY Valentines day wreath
DIY Valentines day wreath
I added the heart later, I had a leftover wood heart but I would’ve used a paper one if I didn’t have the wood one. Look, no one is going to critique what something is made of-they are only seeing the overall product.

Here’s where I bought my stuff, basically leftover xmas supplies:
Thrift Store: Hoop and wired yarn fur. Substitute: anything that can be wrapped around a hoop, even that thick fuzzy yarn.
Sheer ribbon/printed ribbon: $ store.
Floral Picks: Joann’s discounted Christmas supplies. i picked up whatever they had left and the pickings were slim!
NOTE: I wish our town had a better $tree. The floral picks can probably be found at most $trees, remember my town doesn’t even have a Target.
DIY Valentines day wreath
DIY Valentines day wreath
DIY Valentines day wreath
DIY Valentines day wreath
DIY Valentines day wreath
DIY Valentines day wreath

OPTIONAL: Loop and tie a ribbon around the Valentine’s Day Wreath top for a hanger!

I only made a loop because I was posting this craft. I don’t personally care about a loop. The loop can be glued if you want it to stay in place, but again, I keep it simple. The downside to gluing is if I story it in a tub, the ribbon can be crinkled or ruined. Without glue, the ribbon can be cut and replaced. Plus I don’t like glue spots on ribbon, personal preference ha ha.

Okay friends, Happy Winters-Valentines Day!
One Goal, One Passion- Living through Learning.
Unlock Creative Block Journal Writing Prompts

Unlock Creative Block Journal Writing Prompts

I’ve experienced a creative block all week. I usually have ideas going off like Christmas lights. I’ve had ideas, but not INSPIRED ideas. No “AHA” moments. It’s not fun but I remind myself that any kind of creativity is a Process.

Creativity is a process. It’s not a straight line from Point A to Point B. To continue to produce creatively does require discipline, but discipline does not guarantee inspiration.

The Creative Process is like water in a river. Sometimes debris will gather in spots in the river, slowing water down. It is only through repetition and time that the jam will work loose.

While I am tempted to become frustrated, I’ve learned to participate in the process to get the waters flowing.

Regardless of the medium, I’ve found the process is the same.

Ideas to unlock writer’s block, do 1 every day as needed:

  • Continue writing what you are already working on. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your best work. Just keep doing it on a regular basis.
  • Edit, instead of writing. Re-edit other work.
  • Inhale non-writing subject matter. Listen to a podcast, music, or read a photography journal.
  • Try Humor in your preferred media. I prefer Liz Climo.
  • Look up a list of something: reinterpret that list into your own words.
  • Visit a store that you have never or rarely go to.
  • Work on the home project you have been putting off.
  • Take some photos of inanimate objects. Describe in 5 words.
  • Change one thing in your routine, even moving the time forward 30 minutes.
  • Participate in an activity to increase mindfulness. Other then the obvious Yoga/exercise/walking- try organizing something, papers or cabinets or junk drawer. Cutting things is mindful. Anything repetitive that you can do without thinking is a mindfulness conduit.

How do you unlock the block of creativity? I’d love to try some new ideas ha ha.


Unlock the Block Journal Prompts Printable Page
Unlock the Block Journal Prompts Printable Page
Power up Skill Building:Preschool Math Games- Roll and Color a Valentine

Power up Skill Building:Preschool Math Games- Roll and Color a Valentine

Students match what is rolled to build number and counting skills.

I created Preschool Math games with the roll and color format to help my students build subitizing (amount recognition) skills.

I was helping a K student with homework the first year Common Core was implemented. I began making Preschool Math games with different themes- as a way to incorporate hands on math learning.

****I always have these on hand for a flexible, low-prep, time filler activity. (for example no recess due to inclement weather) Any number of players can play this preschool math game so there is no fighting over center participation, it also practices social skills like all great games do- waiting, patience, helpfulness and good sportsmanship. This can even be played with PARTNERS.

In my preschool I had the luxury of using a blank foam die from the dollar store. I filled in the die and allowed students to throw it across the room, then run and retrieve it. In a formal preschool I used this game style for a 1 on 1 activity for a very active preschooler and he understood and enjoyed the game. I used a version for a small group in a formal preschool, they didn’t throw it across the room but they could throw it in our group area. This took the pressure off, none of us had to worry about losing a small die OR hitting anything, so we could enjoy the game.

This game is great for differentiation. In my preschool and at the formal preschools I had a variety of levels and each student quickly caught onto the game. I have not had one student lose interest, even up to 7 years old.

Instructions for Roll and Color Preschool Math games:

1. Pass out one game sheet to each student. I recommend a max of 5 students per game. Decide about this rule: If student rolls a number of a section that has already been colored, does she roll again/or pass?
{ If student passes the game will take MUCH longer to complete.}
2. Choose who goes first, take turns clockwise. If there’s time I allow the students to roll to see who goes first.
3. Student rolls die. Then colors the matching section of the his envelope. I advice instructor to wait until a student rolls a repeat number, then introduce the “rule” for pass/re-roll.
4. The next in circle rolls and repeats. The player who colors the envelope first, wins. Students can keep playing until their envelope is finished based on time limit. I didn’t have a winner, I had student move to next center/activity when done.

An added bonus is the game format provides for number and counting reinforcement as each student counts or recognizes what she has rolled. All the students were observing the other turns, which results in visual and audible number repetition. One round of the game goes by quickly.


Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine
Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine


DIY HEART DECORATIONS- heart wall hanging

The Wood Heart wall hanging was built from a bag of wooden hearts sold at the Dollar Tree.

If unavailable at your Dollar Tree, the Heart Wall Decor Hanging can be built from paper hearts.

(Templates provided at Download link below logo)


*1 Sheet Cardstock

in neutral colors or Red, Pink and White Cardstock


(only if you want to color neutral cardstock hearts)

*Twine/Embroidery Thread/Ribbon (when cutting Twine pieces, cut 1.5 more length then you think you need.)

(something that doesn’t tangle easily)


(I glued 3 small dowels together, which I don’t recommend as it made my decoration very fragile)

*Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Prep: Trace, Color, Cut. Tie 5 pieces of twine onto Dowel.

Design: Play with different Layouts before gluing.

PREP: Try different design elements.
STEP ONE: GLUE Top Row Elements onto twine.

FINALLY, make your hanger. Tie a piece of twine to the farthest left end of Dowel. Then Tie the remaining end of twine to farthest right side of Dowel. (The hanger will look like a U or V when hung, depending on hanger length.)
DIY Heart Decorations- Heart Wall Hanging
DIY Heart Decoration-Heart Wall Decor Download Link Below

Original Journal Writing Prompts- Leaving the Shore

Original Journal Writing Prompts- Leaving the Shore

original journal writing prompts
original journal writing prompts- Leaving the Shore

This is your boat. Behind you, are many islands you have already explored. They are far off in the distance. These islands represent experiences, and memories. You are getting ready to get into your boat, leave the old shore, and head off to the next, new shore.

Original Journal writing prompt leaving the shore

Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine
Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine

DIY Valentine’s Day Mini-Gnome for President!

DIY Valentine’s Day Mini-Gnome for President!

DIY Valentine's Day Mini-Gnomes
DIY Valentine’s Day Mini-Gnomes


  • Yarn
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Thick Craft Felt
  • Bead for nose (many items can be substituted for bead)
  • Mini Party Cups from 1$ store- pictured below
  • Cat Helper (optional)
  • Embellishments (optional)
DIY Valentine's Day Mini-Gnomes
DIY Valentine’s Day Mini-Gnomes construction
DIY Mini-Gnomes for Valentine's Day
DIY Mini-Gnomes for Gathering and Hiding

Pictured below show DIY Valentine’s Day Gnome using a different base.. The process is the same. Substitute the mini party cup for the base, which is much smaller then the pot. Both the pots and cups from 1$ store.

DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes
DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes, Step one
DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes
DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes- Step 2
DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes
DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes- Step 3
DIY Valentine's Day Gnomes
DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes- Front of Completed Glass pot base Gnome is on far left

Find detailed instructions for the hat and beard here:

Below the single DIY Valentine’s Day mini-Gnome is a direct Download which includes:

Mini Gnome Hat Pattern, Supply List, Instruction Steps


Journal Prompts for Mental Health

Failure= Lack of Success

Success = Accomplishment of aim or purpose

Standard definitions offered up from Google.

journal prompts for mental health every little victory counts
DOWNLOAD Journal Prompt Lists and Pages at end of post.
journal prompts for mental health the failures of Ulysses s grant
Ulysses S. Grant at West Point

Ulysses S. Grant was the Civil War general whose strategies produced Northern Victory. He then served as the 18th U.S. President.

“For much of his life, Ulysses S. Grant failed at every occupation he tried. But in the United States Army, his remarkable talents as a soldier and leader saved his country from falling apart.” (American Experience Online-PBS.ORG)

To aid self assessment objectivity, we’ll define this important U.S. historical figure in terms of personal failure:

  • Never became a Math Teacher as he desired.
  • Raised to rank of Corporal at West Point, “it was too much for me” he wrote. Demoted and graduated at the lowest possible military rank-Private.
  • Failed to bring his family to live with him when he was stationed in the Oregon Territory because his business ventures failed.
  • After resignation, failed as Farmer.
  • Failed as a real estate partner.
  • Rejected when he tried to re-enlist when Civil War started. (someone intervened and gave him a military appointment)
  • Caused excessive casualties at Shiloh battle, due to lack of preparation.
  • Weakened the American Presidency.
  • Politically inept and ineffective, leading to several government scandals.
  • After presidency, failed as financial firm partner.
  • Declared Bankruptcy and had to live off of personal loans.
  • Never overcame accusations that he was an alcoholic.

Even in his success in the Civil War, he still messed up at Shiloh, costing soldier’s their lives. Grant began writing his memoirs as a way to support his family-then was diagnosed with cancer.

General Legacy, other then the Civil War Battle Victories:

  • Retained honesty and integrity
  • Fought for African American Rights
  • Victorious Civil War General
  • Completed his memoirs right before he died


Four items on the personal success list.

Twelve – 12, items on the personal failures list.

Well, to me, the lists demonstrate SUCCESS.

The Success of “perseverance”.

The Success of “courage”.

Perseverance takes courage.

What inspired me, was when he wrote “it was too much for me”, as a West Point student with rank, to explain his demotion. To graduate as the most non prestigious rank ever. It doesn’t appear he viewed it as FAILING. Doesn’t failure imply giving up on that aim? His first “job” out of the gate, he failed at.

No matter how much he sucked in business,he kept trying. To the end of his life he chose to seize opportunities. Mark Twain approached him about writing, and Grant didn’t sway from his goal even when he was diagnosed with cancer.

How do you view Grant using the juxtaposition of so-called failures and successes?

Journal prompt pages or the Journal prompt list, can be downloaded at the end of post.

Below is a link to “PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF ULYSSES S. GRANT” the free ebook

I did a research Paper on Grant in college and brushed up for this post.


readcountcraft DIY Valentine Crafts from Dollar Tree
Journal Prompts for Mental Health

Let the Preschool Memory Games Begin- free printable

Let the Preschool Memory Games Begin- free printable

Print TWO copies of each page. Each page has six different cards as shown. I made these for children with shorter attention spans.


Preschool Memory Games Free Printable
Preschool Memory Games


There’s love. Then there’s Preschool Books Love.

I reviewed over 20 preschool friendship books and came up with my top 11 based on specific criteria. Then I created free printables to accompany each book, practice pages for different skills.

I love young children’s books so much that I haven’t stopped adding to my private collection! I love young children’s books SO much, it’s the main goal of this blog. It is the main goal of my pinterest board.

My goal for book lists is to equip myself and other educators to use books as a curriculum basis. When I started developing my own preschool curriculum I always used a book as a base.

However, I found that with most recommended book lists they were often:

Overgeneralized= Applied for the obvious. Z is for Moose can be used for abc’s but also, isn’t kindness showed later to Moose when Moose is FINALLY included?

Silly books are rarely recommended for preschoolers for skill based learning: for example “Rex vs Edna”. Edna is a chicken and wins, and I have tied in this book as a diving off point to study the chicken life cycle.

My Review Criteria:

  • Story meets storytelling standards according to my children’s literacy class criteria.
  • Story needs to be adaptable for shorter attention spans.
  • Pictures need to be easily recognized- for example, not all of my students know what a llama looks like, so I don’t “Llama llama” until, we have talked about real Llamas.
  • A board style is preferable for classroom so children have access to “read” themselves.
  • Each book demonstrates friendship components by “showing” not “telling”.
  • Most books involves a non person character=Inclusive. If I don’t identify with the girl I can identify with the turtle. Or easily identifiable non gendered traits.

Reviews are listed under book, along with a description of its printable.

Books are linked to Amazon Kindle Page.

YouTube link supplied as available.

(I may start an affiliate store, but only because listing books this way are easier for myself and my readers.}


Simple text, great vocabulary builder but easy to comprehend. “Aa is for all of us-be everybody’s friend.” Printable = Heart Lower Case Alphabet cards.
Smick, Chick, Stick. A simple friendship book with little text. A great book to read to introduce rhyming. Printable= Rhyming Picture cards

Truman misses his owner and discovers bravery and a way to escape cage. Demonstrates how to be a friend to small creatures, growth mindset. Contains a lot of text for preschoolers, but some text is easily omitted. Printable=Color a Shape Flower for a Friend.
A great book for acts of kindness friends do for each other. Printable: Robots Match/Memory Game


Lots of wordless pages with pictures. Students can mime along with mime actions. Shows, not tells, Including others. Printable= Heart Counting cards.
A great story that demonstrates opposites, and how friends can be total opposites and still be friends. Printable= Upper Case Craft Alphabet Cards


This book may have too much text for some wigglers, but the illustrations make up for it! I love this book because of nature, because it shows we “share friends” and, of course -wild animals don’t belong to anyone really. Printable= Woodland theme Visual Discrimination Page.


This story can help show young toddlers how friends feel when their creation is knocked down. And how friends listen to each other. Printable= Real Rabbit Photos memory game


You WILL be my friend is a hilarious take on toddler and preschool friendship! All the speech bubbles don’t need to be read to get the story. The bear reminds me of over exuberant toddlers and active preschoolers who try SO hard! Printable= Color a bear valentine for a loved one
I had to add this, I love all the Pete Stories and have yet to meet a young learner who doesn’t! It also is great to explain handing out class valentines. Printable= Finish The Hearts pattern.

Preschool Friendship Books Practice PACK ABOVE includes:







I love this story as a Circle Time Movement book! It has Eric Carle’s animals from his other books, one on each page. Printable= Brain Breaks Animal Movement cards


preschool book love, preschool books i love, with matching printables
Best Preschool Books with practice pages

Egypt Kids Lesson Plan with activities

Egypt Kids Lesson Plan with activities

I came up with this unit out of a desire to show that language is symbols, just as our alphabet is symbols for sounds-so is hieroglyphics. My goal was to demonstrate the “concept” of the alphabet, as well as incorporate lots of art/engineering and diversity.

Kids love mummies! THAT was the interest “hook”!

We did these over the course of a month, one or two activities a week. I introduced the unit with a scooby doo mummy caper library dvd.

Cartography necklace made with hieroglyphs
After learning about pyramids and burial, they made their own “mummy” stuffed animals
Using my contact paper blocks, they built a pet cemetary and pretended to be pets.
He is being a mummy cat

We also built pyramids with Jenga blocks, egg carton cups,sugar cubes (i don’t recommend because they kept eating haha) and a 3d paper pyramid from a template.

Pyramid building and later days these cups became a favorite as they expanded into castle building.

Pyramid building extension activity. The next month, 4.5yo used Jenga blocks to make a sarcophogus in his own play. He also practiced drawing the “dog god” (anubis)
The printable pack has the lesson plan, links I used for some activities, center ideas, video links.

There is a link to an easy pharoah headdress to print and color which the boys enjoyed making and other activities we did not do. There are lots of choices to personalize for students. There is also a complete alphabet pack of hieroglyphic cards included.

Hop, Waddle and Spy with preschool printables

Hop, Waddle and Spy with preschool printables

Doesn’t this just make you want to hop and waddle into Spring?!

I Spy worksheets are one of the classic ways to build visual discrimination and counting skills.

Direct download below the bunny:

preschool I spy pages direct download link below


corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Preschool I Spy Spring Animals Pages
Preschool Math Game- Unicorn

Preschool Math Game- Unicorn

roll and color a rainbow unicorn
Preschool Math Game Roll and Color a unicorn

The fun thing about this game is we use the color rolled for whatever place on the unicorn we want to. So, even the body can be three or four colors!

We use a big foam dice from the dollar store. The student don’t have to worry about dropping the die, throwing it too hard, or losing it. I have done this type of play learning at formal preschool small group also. This game offers differentiated learning.


  1. Pass out a Unicorn Page to each student, gathered around a table. Have the coloring tools in the middle of table.
  2. Each student takes a turn rolling the dice, then passing the dice. If the number has been rolled already, the student takes another turn.
  3. The game is finished when all of the students have their unicorns colored.
  4. Students can move centers if they are finished before others. If students like, they can complete their unicorn coloring at home.

Roll and color a rainbow unicorn to build counting, color, number, 1:1 correspondence,, fine motor skills
Preschool skill building, counting-number recognition-1:1 correspondence, fine motor practice, literacy, social skills with this fun printable!
Finished colorful unicorns!


Have a break, winter scavenger hunt for kids.

Have a break, winter scavenger hunt for kids.

This can activity is adaptable for any group size of kids, and unlimited ages, even a mix of ages.


Scavenger Hunt Sticky Collage Activity

There was so much snow that the children were excited to find anything! This was not planned, I grabbed a couple of recycled containers to put their goodies in.

Returning inside, I cut two pieces of clear contact paper and hung them up with magnets on our “magnet boards”.  (Oil Pans)

USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_MSGR_PHOTO_FOR_UPLOAD_1549910962723.jpg_1549910971761 (1)
Have a break, have a nature scavenger hunt for kids

Then, they stuck their collages to the color paper they wanted, and filled in the “frame” with oil pastels.

Creating masterpieces

Finally, they decided to blend oil pastels on the back, which can be seen here.

The backs made the scavenged items easier to see. However the contact paper makes collection easy to hang up directly on windows, although make sure to tape the corners up.

Have a break, winter scavenger hunt for kids
Have a break, winter scavenger hunt for kids