Tracing Lines worksheets You wish you had

Free Printables 16 Line Tracing Pages
Free Printables 16 Line Tracing Pages

Created in a hurry for a 20 month old! Examples shown below with *bad* photos, (paper color is photo editor)

themes (not shown):

  • houses
  • fruit
  • farm animals
  • food
  • colored hearts
  • shoes
  • containers(drinks)
  • elephants
  • butterflies
  • birds

Sharing with other home or school educators as a no prep but not your average worksheet fun.

Free Printables 16 Line Tracing Pages
Free Printables 16 Line Tracing Pages
Free Printables 16 Line Tracing Pages

Free Printables 16 Line Tracing Pages

Living through Learning, one line at a time


Volcano Project for kids, free printable pack

Volcano Project for kids
Volcano Project for kids

Learning goals:

  1. Volcano’s are made of layers.
  2. Difference between Magma and Lava.
  3. First building block to learning about what rocks are made of.

How to teach with printables:

  1. Beginning Learners = Color the Labeled Volcano page
  2. Early Learners= Code and Color the Volcano page
  3. Elementary= Label and Color the Volcano+Code and Color the Volcano pages

Code and Color the Volcano

Volcano project for kids free printable pack
Volcano project for kids Book

Recommended Books:

  1. Use “Into the Volcano” as primary source to introduce volcanoes. Share and read certain sections, we read through the photo descriptions.
  2. Emphasize StratoVolcano section in the book.
Volcano Project for Kids free printable pack
Volcano Project for Kids free printable pack Book
  1. A Trip to the Top of the Volcano can be used to supplement for a different page activity, or left out as free reading.

Color the Labelled Volcano

Volcano Project for Kids
Volcano Project for Kids free printable pack

Color and Label the Volcano

Volcano project for kids free printable pack
Living Through Learning, one explosion at a time


…intermission..a week in the life of continual exasperation

Pressure continues here in SE Oregon

the new date night with margaritas, hey at least the restaurants are open

I got tired of having a mediocre blog so I applied and was accepted as an online student at ASU. At 53. BA in Digital Marketing. I refuse to allow the future to pass me by with my most exciting days behind me.

The schools are 90% probably not going to reopen here, which really pisses me off. It’s bad enough the PLAYGROUNDS are still closed. If the city school (versus county, we are small) opens, it will be half day. I really am concerned about the ramifications of children not having a childhood, AND parents being the #1 resource for their kids education on top of all the OTHER responsibilities.

While I’m aware and respectful of COVID, we don’t have a lot of people and yet we are being grouped in with the rest of the state AKA Portland, positive case rate.

Boss friend and I sought to open a children’s learning center, where children can attend and get help with their school program. The business we wanted to take over, did not have their fire and other building inspections done. Obviously it can’t be licensed and still operates illegally.

There are more boring details but we’ve hit a dead end at every turn, still looking for a place to buy or rent, to provide this service to our community. Yes we will have to charge but at some point would like to offer scholarships, and it’s not going to be above the basic daycare rate that parents have to pay ANYWAY.

made my first pinata for my friend’s son bday (who i watch)

Not going to go into the hubby workplace but right now they are on one day a week furlough and we are thankful. I think the worst thing for us is the politics and unknowns really. It’s all going to change when the snow and ice hit because college campuses have to be safe but , nothing is simple anymore.

Also I found out there was a strong chance I had cervical cancer, but I don’t. But I could have it on the other side of my uterus and I have a 4″ fiber growing so I need a hysterectomy. I’m waiting to hear for an appt for a hysterectomy or a cancer removal hysterectomy. Thank GOD my husband’s job has great insurance, that should be approved. (anyone else jobs are defined by “great benefits”? that is what we work for now more than $ ain’t it?)

I waited 10 minutes to get my $7 refund, because the store didn’t take down this (expired) sign. THAT IS HOW FRUGAL I AM, thank God for Grandma.

+SOURCE OF STRESS we are training our small male dog to stop harassing the newer bigger puppy. We’ve had to go to a remote collar which gives him a bit of a shock, and he is very stubborn. He is part Blue Heeler so he wants to herd the big dog.

bossy jonesy
gentle giant

It’s exhausting and like having kids who fight 24/7. However the trainer showed us this week how to use the collar and with a couple of bumps in the road it appears that Jonesy is finally submitting.


AT THE END OF THE DAY , TIMES MAY CHANGE, BUT 2 THINGS REMAIN THE SAME: children and nature. Let us all be like each of these.

she walks/runs 1/2 mile and she’s not even 2 yet.
not to be preachy but this is what kept me going this last 2 weeks.

*yay* I’ve been building strength after a ruptured disk and I’m moving from Physical Therapy to the gym. I”m not going to have the strength of a 25 year old, but I will be as strong as I can relatively be without being a health nut haha. My goal is to keep up with the 2 year old. hahahaha

Living through Learning, One Going at a Time

DIY Upcycled Decor


I inherited this old wood 3 tier planter, and it took me 3 years to figure out what to do with it. I took some pieces off, and my original painting idea didn’t work.

If you decide to up-cycle an old wooden outdoor item:

-Don’t use any type of metal spray paint, if you want your object to look newer. If you want your object to look really really old and worn, then use the metal colors. My first try was VERY bad, it didn’t look metallic AT ALL.

-Use this, it goes on evenly and you don’t have to use primer first.

Rust-Oleum 12oz 2X Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Gloss Spray Paint Deep Blue - image 1 of 4

So I have this special “picture window” . It’s the one I look out of all the time, where my work station is, and the main table is. Okay, it’s the dining room but I use this spot for everything. Not only the outdoor focal point, but the indoor focal point when we walk into the house.

I made a type of blind hanging from an egg carton and butterfly cutouts. I cut up and painted the egg carton cups, then strung the butterfly cut outs and cups together. It was time consuming, but I considered it mindfulness. I don’t know why mainstream sources don’t think of repetitive craft activities as triggering mindfulness. It’s definitely a “zone”.



The ceiling fan actually makes the butterflies “fly”

Honestly I always have had a cheerful whimsy style when decorating. It’s not even Boho, it’s all my own and I think would drive some folks crazy. But you know, these ideas will look lovely in subdued colors also.

REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. Don’t forget recycling is the LAST step to waste reduction, NOT the first.

Living through learning, one project at a time.

Literacy Rocks! Teaching the alphabet to Toddlers

I’ve been building skill levels with an 22 mo old and she shows eagerness and interest to recognize and write her letters.

My teaching style is to wait for worksheets and specific letter tracing, writing, until 3 yo. However, this is the 2nd pair of siblings, and I believe as a result of seeing their older sibling write- the younger sibling is driven to learn this skill.

We started with letter recognition activities, and this activity helped her master the skill of recognizing A, the first letter in her name.

We will continue the next step to “find her name”. In addition to this , I have started her practicing line drawing, and Letter A tracing. Another indicator that she is ready for Letter A tracing, is: 1) she holds a pencil correctly 2) she has good hand strength 3) she can open and close small containers easily.

So this week I am introducing her to tracing circles. She is not interested in manipulating objects at this point, she’s not interested as interested in crafts as she is scribbling, scribbling, scribbling. I need to lead her down the road to write her letters before she learns the wrong way.

At the end of this post is a direct download for instructions for teaching the alphabet as outlined in this post.

**Note: If you or children don’t want to paint rocks, just write on the rocks with sharpie markers.

Alphabet Rock Literacy
Alphabet Rock Literacy

with print awareness-

Alphabet Rock Literacy

with letter awareness-

Alphabet Rock Literacy

with name awareness-

Alphabet Rock Literacy

with alphabet awareness-

Alphabet Rock Literacy

with sight word awareness-

Alphabet Rock Literacy
Alphabet Rock Literacy


Alphabet Rock Literacy
Alphabet Rock Literacy
Alphabet Rock Literacy
Living through Learning, one rock at a time

Quickly painted rock ideas

There are many cities who have rock hiding Facebook groups in the U. S. There is a group here, we put our painted rocks in random places for strangers to find.

I have been hiding rocks for kids, because we are still in Phase 2, and kids have been robbed of their childhood this summer. Especially heartbreaking because our winters are harsh and there is no rock hunting in winter.

These are for folks like me who don’t have a lot of patience, or use rocks as a “canvas” for fancy painting.

kids ladybug rocks
kids ladybug rock supply list

Ladybug Rock Supplies: Acrylic Paint, Small brushes, Spray Gloss or Mod Podge

Painted rock ideas
painted rock ideas
Painted rock ideas
painted rock ideas
painted rock ideas
Painted rock supply list
Learning through living, one rock at a time.

Alphabet Juice- Keeping it Fresh- Teaching the alphabet

My playful alphabet set where kids get to match the slice to the juice glass. They can even put the slice in the juice and pretend- slurp slurp slurp.

This practices my teaching method for alphabet letter recognition.

(PRIMARY Guideline: Focus on lowercase letters primarily using books and environmental print. We see lowercase letters more frequently then uppercase letters.)



  • Print the Direct Download from link at end of post.
  • Cut up the lower case letter slice cards.
  • Make a pile of the Juice pages and a 2nd pile of slices.

Instruction for teaching alphabet letters:

Beginner Skill Level:

  • Layout Uppercase Pages that spell child’s name.
  • Give child the pile of slices that only include child’s name.

Skill Level Name Match:

  • Write child’s name on a blank slice.
  • Set up as shown below.
  • Give child a pile of letters that comprise their name.
  • Child spells out their name, placing slices next to the A on the page- in order.

Name Skill Mastery:

Once child knows how to spell his name, and knows the name of the letters that comprise the name:

  • Practice until child recognizes both upper and lower case of the letters of her name.
  • With this skill mastered, increase the letters added to the name letter pile.
  • This supports critical thinking skills, vs memorization.
  • This method supports self confidence.

*do not worry about letter sounds during this activity*

Mastering Alphabet Activities:


  • Continue adding to the lower case slice pile a few letters at a time for each practice session, until child quickly pulls out her name letters automatically.
  • Ask what child if he would like to spell Mom or Dad, next.
  • Continue with the same steps, the next name he spells.
  • This provides “buy-in”, we enjoy learning more when we get to choose what we are learning.
  • Use this same method as child practices matching letters to other words and names. Encourage ONE syllable names.

Once child understands how to play the game because she’s played it several times, incorporate letter sounds. Say the sounds and the child can repeat after you, but don’t focus on the sounds if it detracts from the child learning what each letter looks like.

Two Downloads: Alphabet Juice Upper and Lower Case set, the 2nd download link is the above instructions as a printout.

Living through Learning, one slice at a time.


To wear or not to wear? Mask questions and answers.

Why are you making your choice?

I’m not telling you what to do.

I am equipping readers with valid sources to make an educated decision regarding the mask controversy.

As an Oregonian, I am now mandated to wear a face mask.

I was a “better safe then sorry” mask-wearer, pre-mandate.

However, I’m still on the fence about mandated mask wearing.

Mask vs non-mask is a divider in our small rural community.
Non-Maskers- Get angry at the government.
Maskers- Respect other’s Non-Mask choice.

WHO mask video screen shot
5 Questions: Stanford scientists on COVID-19 mask guidelines

5 basic questions and answers highlights:

  • Masks contribute to “source control”.
  • Less Covid-19 tiny spit escapes if both wear masks= spreads 5 ft.
  • If 1 person is masked= spit spreads +30ft and stays in air up to 30 hrs.
  • Proper Mask ventilation= blow out a candle with mask on from 1 ft.
  • Charge it=”… Rubbing mask w/latex gloves for 30 sec. prior to use, can increase efficacy by 30%
Woman wearing a cloth face mask in a grocery store
Still confused about masks? Science about how face masks prevent corona-virus.

Mask science Article Highlights:

  • “Masks may be more effective as a “source control” because they can prevent larger expelled droplets from evaporating into smaller droplets that can travel farther.”
  • Read the studies where mask recommendation standards originated from.
  • 2 case reports that show mask wearing stopped virus spread due to masks.
  • CDC changed it’s mask recommendations due to: 1) shortage of surgical masks. 2) U.S. wasn’t culturally prepared. 3) Better understanding of Covid-19.
  • Chin- Hong, “Nobody’s taking a cholesterol medicine because they’re going to prevent a heart attack 100 percent of the time, but you’re reducing your risk substantially.”
Makes don't work to protect people from Covid19.
Face Masks Don’t work?

Masks don’t work highlights:

  • Lots of medical reports provided for evidence of mask non-effectiveness.
  • 1 is recent-published in 2020.
  • No Covid-19 tests.
  • Studies show masks ineffective regarding other airborne viruses.
Homemade face masks contain the coronavirus only a little.
Do face masks really reduce corona-virus? Experts have mixed answers.

Mixed Answers Highlight:

May Chu, a clinical professor in epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health on the Anschutz Medical Campus –

“The recommendations that everyone wear masks are because “any kind of impediment is better than nothing,” Chu said. But fabric masks are not expected to be as protective as surgical masks, she said. That’s why public health officials are warning people to remain at least 6 feet apart from one another, even if they are wearing masks.”

Use your critical thinking skills. Know why you are making your choice.

Feedback and comments always welcome for discussion.

Living through Learning, one health issue at a time.


Stamp the Ladybugs! Kids potato print art

ladybug potato prints
Ladybug Potato Prints Mural

Display a ladybug print mural that bursts with color.

Low prep, common supplies, kids of any age get busy with creating.

You say Process art? I say Art. All art is a process.

Everyone is creative, each of us only needs to find the medium that we can express our creative language with.

A 20 month old and 7 year old created this mural.
All studies show that toddlers/preschoolers need play with mental stimulation, to help the brain develop. School Age Kids need lots of opportunity for free creative expression with different art mediums.

I introduced ladybugs to the toddler by reading toddler ladybug books a week before we did this mural, and I showed her real photos of ladybugs a few times.

(Recommended Ladybug Books direct download at end of post)
What you need:
  • Blank Paper
  • Potato Halves (at least 1 per paint color)
  • Each color paint poured onto a paper plate
  • Dabber/Dot marker

What skills does this art project build?

Toddler and Preschool:
  • Sensory Development
  • Shape Recognition
  • Self-Confidence
  • Creativity/Critical Thinking
  • Subject Exploration
  • Practice with Steps (delayed gratification)
School Age:
  • 3D Subject Learning
  • Self-Confidence
  • Freedom to create
  • Creative Style Development
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Methodology (practicing step by step)


  • Each child takes a potato half.
  • Dip the potato half in the paint and stamp onto paper.
  • Ask younger children what shape the potato makes.
  • Allow the children to stamp their potatoes like crazy.
  • LET DRY.
  • Once the stamps are dry, each child gets a dabber.
  • Children use the dabber to stamp the spots onto the ladybug.
  • Ask younger children what shape the dabber makes.
  • Allow the children to stamp the dots like crazy.
Extension: The 7 year old asked Google for 5 facts about ladybugs, then recorded them. I verbally quizzed him for review sporadically to help him retain the info.

ladybug kids art
Written Ladybug Facts

I’m extremely passionate about this project. It allows the teacher to provide the framework to allow long term learning skills that stick.

Ladybug books- toddler through 2nd grade
Living through Learning about Ladybugs.

George Floyd and FBI Investigation

Jerri Williams is a retired member of the FBI, now a “Crime Fiction Author and a True Crime Podcaster”. She also happens to be black. One of the few BLACK WOMEN hired as an FBI Agent back in the day.

Click above to go to

As a regular listener of her podcast,  “FBI Retired Case File Review “, I learn about the real life FBI. She interviews retired FBI agents about their cases.

Click below image to hear about an older case of “deprivation of rights under color of law” i.e. a black man beaten while in police custody.

Kevin Rust reviews his investigation of a rural police officer charged and convicted of deprivation of rights under color of law violations, in connection with the blackjack beating of a Jake Gibbs, an elderly black man in police custody. Gibbs sustained two broken ribs as the result of the use of excessive force incident.
Read her article that discusses the FBI and George Floyd investigation. The FBI is the main investigator for all possible civil rights violations.


As Jerri Williams explains, “However, in this space, I want to focus on my mission to show the public who the FBI is and what the FBI does and cover how the FBI investigates civil rights violations involving the Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law”



Disclaimer: I do not endorse any blog or podcast for networking purposes or monetary personal gain.

Living through Learning. One blog post at a time.


We hope! It’s multicultural books for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten

Sharing My Multicultural Book Boards. I have researched to ensure titles do not perpetuate stereotypes.

Click on IMAGE

to see books in each category {from Pinterest},

or LINK if noted.

Multicultural-Inclusion-Diversity Books:

You Matter

Chinese New Year books: January

My First Chinese New Year Book By Karen Katz

Native American Books :

Kids' Books About Native American History and Experience | Brightly

African and Jewish Books:


Teach Hope. Stay Kind. Wishing Well.


Free Butterfly Hunting for All.

Low Prep and Song Play

I have been working with the 20 month old to recognize bees, butterflies and ladybugs. For her, butterflies are the easiest to recognize. This bundle goes after the ladybug set, in sequence.

Once the child is familiar with both insects, interchange ladybug/butterfly, in the song.

Don’t forget to show real photos of the insects. We have seen butterflies and one bee so far in real life on our walks. I still use real photos on my phone intermittently, especially for ladybugs and bees.

preschool five little butterflies


Finding differences helps with finding differences with letters and numbers.

preschool practice page

Visual discrimination and counting.

preschool practice page
preschool practice page

Fine Motor and Visual Discrimination.

Extend activity by counting butterflies found.

preschool practice page

This is a show and tell post, so find the download below and happy butterfly hunting!

Butterfly Preschool Practice
preschool math game butterfly
preschool math game butterfly

July Play It for Preschool

Preschool Math Dice Game, Roll and Color the Heart Flag

What do you need?



Coloring tools-

and Preschoolers!

(free download at end of post)

preschool math dice game roll and color a heart flag
preschool math game roll and color a heart flag game

This game is a no prep for teachers, parents, and distance learners.

This game practices critical thinking because children count, match, and identify.

This game is effective because it teaches 1:1 correspondence.

This game is fun because it’s interactive.

This game practices taking turns, counting, fine motor and color identification.

This game is versatile because mixed age groups and levels can play at the same time. Or as a single player game.

Roll and Color a Heart
Preschool Math Game

more free July 4th printables


Free LadyBug printable pack? Yes Please.

  • Toddler/Preschool Ladybug Body Parts Puppet song- my version
  • Toddler/Preschool Ladybug Ladybug counting song- my version
  • Cut out the ladybug squares and attach to craft sticks
  • 3 no prep activity pages as shown

I have been crazy for ladybugs this year!

Maybe because their population is declining and all those ladybugs I found as a kid will no longer be here?

Maybe because they help roses grow?

Maybe because they are modern art? I mean oval and circles and red and black and white? COOL.

Ladybug Free Printable Pack
craft puppet assembly shown on far left

That’s all the clever writing I have for today, folks!

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free Ladybug Printable Pack
free Ladybug printable pack

Ladybug Free Printable Pack

Roll and color a Spiral

roll and color a spiral
Roll and Color a Spiral

Success! You’re on the list.


Preschool Lady Bug Roll and Coloriffic!

Download both Ladybug versions & instructions at end of post.

The below photo is the ladybug printed out. Kids can trace ! (it’s blue because out of black printer ink)


Why my version of Roll and Color?

  • Created and tested with my students 3yo-7yo, at different learning levels.
  • No Prep
  • Great fill in activity
  • Kindergarten skill builder for Common Core

My roll and color games are a multiple skill building activity while PLAYING.


Roll and Color a Ladybug
NO NUMBERS Instructions for Roll and Color a Ladybug
WITH NUMBERS. Roll and Color a Ladybug Instructions.
Roll and Color a Ladybug

Roll and Color a Ladybug
Easiest Ladybug Craft for your kids!

Easiest Ladybug Craft for your kids!

Do you have a lot to do in a short amount of time?

Tired of needing special supplies or using lots of printer ink?

Yeh, me too! I made this craft for the no-prep-please, ME and sharing with you.

Easiest Ladybug craft for your kids

I tailored this for a 17 month old but because its great for any age, by increasing the amount of dots.It’s great for preschoolers with a short attention span.


  • Paper plate
  • Paper to print off antennae, spots, and large circle templates.
    • I had red paper for the large circle, but no black paper. She colored the white paper black, and children can color the red circle red too!

Smash down Spots, Head, Antennae


Antennae, Ladybug Ladybug Song, and Instructions download at end of post.

CLICK AND DOWNLOAD CIRCLE TEMPLATES- (from the same site, scroll down on page):


Large 5 Inch Size Printable Circles


Medium 4 Inch Circle Stencils


Small 2 Inch Circle Shapes to Print

Antennae, Instructions, and Song download below

Easiest Ladybug Craft

Quote and Podcast of the Week

I don’t remember which episode this quote “I didn’t buy tickets for a guilt trip” came from. It was a few weeks ago but it stuck. #not my train

The podcast “Circle Back” has been of use all last week. I’ve recently come off of a medication which repressed my emotions and thoughts. Remembering to Circle Back has helped the game plan for repetitive or unhealthy thought track.

Click below to listen to “Circle Back”

Wishing you wellness, kindness and silliness

Kids STEM at home

Supplies: Beans, Bin, Blocks and Pitcher of Water.

This activity is appropriate with multiple age siblings, or a single child.

Build a building that can withstand water erosion.

kids stem at home
kids stem at home

kids stem at home

I provided different sized bins and different blocks. He dumped both the blocks and bin from his first attempt.

Substitute what you have. Oatmeal or any kind of filler for the bin, even dirt dug up from outside! If the blocks are scarce and scattered, find some sticks or anything that can be used for building.


Ready? Don’t Do this!

My mistake was allowing too much CHILD LED, in which he did the water himself so fast I did not even know what he was doing until he did it!


Why is it a failed experiment? Because water rarely if ever dumps from the sky in one big stream! Even when it does, that’s PRESSURE DAMAGE – NOT EROSION.

Fix: Re-explain what erosion is after the building is complete. Talk about how the water actually moves, not only the exciting “there’s a lot of it like flooding and there’s damage”. Talk about how to replicate with your own water. TO THE SIDE, and NOT A flood.

Then, take the pitcher and help the child pour the water slowly to erode the “sediment”.

We will conduct another erosion experiment, with different sediment-perhaps sand or gravel rocks. I hope we will be able to understand erosion more fully by demonstrating it properly.

It’s no big deal. I have done the same experiment repeatedly because it is common that children are so interested in the EFFECT its hard to slow down and learn along the way.

Take Away = We learned about pressure and flooding.

You Can Do It Cat GIF by Chibird
wishing you wellness, kindness, and silliness


Roll and color a rainbow number identification

roll and color a rainbow numberidreadcountcraft
roll and color a rainbow number identification

This game is a no prep for teachers, parents, and distance learners.

This game practices critical thinking because children count, match, and identify.

This game is effective because it teaches 1:1 correspondence.

This game is fun because it’s interactive.

This game practices taking turns, counting, fine motor and color identification.

This game is versatile because mixed age groups and levels can play at the same time. Or a one player game.

This game is original, I created it and tested it for students 3 years to 7 years to build specific skills listed above.

Wishing you wellness, kindness and silliness.


Virus Life Style Snapshots

Disclaimer: I have been unable to re-post regularly.

My new reality means I’m focusing only on quality content for subscribers NOT numbers. The goal of this blog remains to equip other educators-formal and informal.

Look for a new activity every weekend, or 2 new activities every other weekend.

A male Robin has since torn down the nest and starting a new one in the crutch of this tree. Guess she wants a condo!
I continue to work as a nanny for a Phlebotomist and an Arborist, we spend them all outdoors.

The Left pair is for a 4.5yo in physical therapy and the other is a standard pair for 2/5yo , both special ordered. I will have Etsy eventually with pre-made pairs, shamelessly promoted here, lol.
Working with a brilliant but semi defiant 7 yo kid means I have to check my attitude, and the 17mo old HEARTS this!
I have a WRY sense of humor how the else do you survive these times without being totally complaining or anxious? As I write this, there is a MEAT shortage in stores -human behavior can be fascinating but THIS IS GETTING OLD.


Virus Lifestyle Snapshots


Short to Long Vowels for Stars

Short to Long Vowel games
Short to Long Vowel games

This game is Stariffic because:

This game is effective because it provides vocabulary and review.

This game is fun because it’s interactive.

This game practices using a process to find the answer.

short to long vowels game
short to long vowels game

This game is versatile because mixed age groups and levels can play together.

There are 7 different pages in the pack, below are 3 of them.

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Short to Long Vowels for Stars
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is moveandlearnvowelsgame.gif


Any time, any place, preschool roll and color

roll and color a flower
Photo of Roll and Color a Flower game

Preschool roll and color provides:

Independent play because children can match and count.

1:1 correspondence skills memorized through play.

Fun because it’s interactive.

Fine motor, color identification, counting practice and taking turns.

Versatility: mixed age groups and skill levels can play together.

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Preschool Built- Roll and Color a Rainbow math game

Photo of Printed Roll and Color a Rainbow Subitizing

Count and Match. Count and Match. Count and Match=

I don’t need to COUNT anymore.

  • This game can be played without adult interference because children can count and match.
  • This game is effective because it teaches through play.
  • This game is fun because it’s interactive.
  • This game practices taking turns, counting, fine motor and primary color identification.
  • This game is versatile because mixed age groups and levels can play at the same time.

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Roll into Spring with Preschool Math Games

  • This game is effective because it teaches 1:1 correspondence.
  • This game is fun because it’s interactive.
  • This game promotes problem solving because it requires 2 steps to find the answer.
  • This game promotes social skills because it requires waiting and turn taking.
  • This game is versatile because mixed age groups and skill levels can play at the same time.
  • I developed for Kindergarten Common Core Math pre-skills.
  • I have used with children ages 3 – 7 years old.
  • Use one die, color the rolled # match. If number has been rolled, either skip or roll again (teacher’s choice).
  • Does not need to be played until finished, can be taken home.


I like to move it move it and learn my vowels

We played this as a break between School-now Home -School Lessons.

I have a very energetic student so he loved this game! Anything moving+learning= permanent skill. We played this during inclement weather which was a great help for getting our wiggles out!

If your students knows the alphabet + sounds, she can memorize vowels. Explain the general idea- that vowels are why we say paper instead of ppr. (ha ha yes its funny to try to say words without vowels) Believe me, he will get the concept.

steve carell news GIF

PREP: Print the cards out with the Gray-scale setting

Color the vowel letters the same color. Do not color the other letters with that color. Cut cards apart.

Here’s how we played:

  • Place cards face down.
  • 1st player draws card.
  • If card is a consonant, player does the exercise on card.
  • If card is a vowel card, player calls , “VOWEL!” and passes the card to another player who must execute the exercise.
  • If it is a Vowel, but player doesn’t recognize it, player must do exercise and, choose another card and do THAT exercise.
  • The game ends when all the cards have been used.

Believe me if you play this way it’s SUPER fun, and for this 53 yo, the hardest one was trying to do the inch worm with, well-boobs.

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
learn vowels
short to long vowels game
short to long vowels game


Kids Art Emotions Collage

Kids read a book about emotions and make their own Emotion Jar Collage.

Direct Download Link at end of Post

Make a Jar Collage of Emotions with this free pack:

  • 32 emotion symbols
  • 2 jar styles
  • Instructions
Kids emotions activities collage
Kids emotions activities collage
kids emotions art activity
kids emotions art activity

Other activities to explore emotions:

Exploring emotions through color (same cards)

Skittles Emoji

Alphabet Monster Emotions

emotion activities for kids
emotion activities for kids


Emotions and Color- Exploring Emotions part 2

This Art Therapy activity allows children to learn about their emotions by identifying what is inside, and expressing it.

I use this activity to allow children to express emotions in a concrete way.

Using color and symbols as a tool for encouraging the management and expression of emotion through creative process.

Pack includes: 32 symbols cards, 2 different jar style cards, instructions, suggested books list.

kids emotions art activity
kids emotions art activity

Instructions for Emotional Art Activity Part 2-

kids emotions art activity

Note: During the process of associating color with emotion, don’t suggest a specific color.

I suggested purple for disappointment, ONLY because we learned through previous activities.

During the 1st week, we read books and discussed.

During the 2nd week, we read again and did the intro activity.

During the 3rd week, we read another book, and did Part 1.

They enjoyed this activity so much I have no photo of the cards they painted, as I was too busy to take photos.

emotion activities for kids
emotion activities for kids


Teaching Toddlers Power Tool: Sensory Bins; toddler activities at home

When your toddler is showing interest in closing and opening containers. Building Developmental Skills.

Added shiny eggs for interest. Make sure eggs are easy to open and close, and the colors are appealing.
If your child is getting frustrated with the inability to close the eggs, use this bin for INTERACTIVE play with you .
Be careful because if a child isn’t developmentally ready for this skill, and is attempting like Aspen above, she will become frustrated. You want to give them activities they are SUCCESSFUL at. And lots of praise YAY!, to build the confidence to KEEP trying.
Putting Pasta in the egg and closing it= Problem solving. Builds hand strength and coordination, confidence.

Exploring Bin & introducing Shapes

Practicing Fine motor skills (writing) while taking out bean . Learning Background knowledge for amounts (math).

I introduce teaching shapes with the heart- because hearts are so common they are easily recognizable.

The sensory bin is red and pink only. This is because I wanted her to focus on the physical shape of the heart, and the feeling of the beans. I actually take her finger and trace it around the heart.

Using a monochromatic color scheme is a great way to introduce teaching colors. This way the child notices one color, even if we are not naming the color.

We played with this bin all of February, but it doesn’t need to line up with Valentine’s Day month. It is for play, when the child is ready to be introduced to shapes.

paper hearts, jingle bell, foam heart, pipe cleaner, Kidney beans

The sensory bin that followed this was to teach YELLOW.

I wanted to use cornmeal but I was out so I used oatmeal with yellow objects that I found. A yellow block, a yellow plastic bear, yellow poms, yellow paper pieces.

For the YELLOW learning bin, oatmeal with poured into a loaf pan with 3 YELLOW objects. The next day I added a different object. Once there were 5 objects with the oatmeal, i found 5 different objects and interchanged 1:1.

I decreased the number of cups and introduced utensils. Different types of spoons for example, and interchanged these also.

I began teaching Aspen as a nanny this past January when she was 16 months old. I have observed her respond and learn and look forward to her sensory bins. Her mom keeps them and uses them as well. Don’t underestimate the power of a sensory bin for learning and practical use as an easy activity to keep a toddler occupied for a few minutes.


Kawaii Paper Roll Bunny Craft – all ages

SUPPLIES: (TP) paper roll, coloring tools, glue, paper template

Inspired by: Foam kit @ Joann’s

1. Print the template from the direct download at the end of this post.

2. Color if desired, THEN cut the pieces out.

Glue in order: Square (shirt), Head, Tail, Arms, Bow.

Embellish with glitter, glue, sequins, poms, pieces of material = Imagination.

emotion activities for kids
Kawaii Bunny Craft

Essential Nanny in Small- Town America-essentially

4 weeks of Stay Home Save Lives….

Bare Bones

  • PT Nanny position down to 8 hrs max weekly.
  • Filed for CARES (contract employee) and Disaster Relief with much help & encouragement from Boss. (insert expletives here)
  • Husband as “essential” employee, on college campus – sans students, still working full time.
  • Marriage.
  • Faith.

YESTERDAY: Do I wear this in the store, oh there’s a lady she’s wearing her mask, wait that customer isn’t wearing one and that cart guy isn’t okay I will just wear it like a bandanna : enter store- oh that customer is wearing one and SO are the cashiers okay I will put this on Does it go over my mouth and nose or just my mouth okay i can’t put it on my nose my glasses are falling off so I will put it over my mouth but it’s not staying on very well just don’t move your head OMFG WHAT ARE THE RULES I am staying 3 aisles away from everyone and heading to the cashier and phew I’M audi okay now where did i park my car….

Magnified challenges:

  • Dealing with the what-if’s
  • Dealing with the I don’t knows
  • Dealing with the tension of the what ifs and don’t knows.
  • Dealing with 5 steps to get 1 thing-small= no Target.
  • Dealing with myself.
  • Dealing with all the social people now populating my anti social spots like in town trails.

added a big dog to our 2 small dog/1 cat pet family

makers gonna make

ultimately NOT ABOUT ME- its not about you

Every spiritual belief is connected to creation. EVERY. ONE

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips


Social Emotional Learning -SEL Part 1



  • Learn the names of different emotions
  • Expand Emotion vocabulary
  • Act out emotions to become familiar with what each feels like

Age Level:

  • Toddler through ages as interested


  • Print out the cards in color OR
  • If you only have black ink like I did-
  • print and have the kids color with colored pencils or crayons as a separate activity

Cut the cards and place face down in a pile. All the cards don’t need to be used at ONCE. I recommend between 5 and 10 to keep interest, to play on different days.

Game instructions:

  • Play the cards face down
  • Draw a card- read emotion, child expresses that emotion in human form, then in “monster form”
kids emotion activities monsters

I don’t recommend any book reading with this game. This is to explore emotions and learn vocabulary, in a fun way. Children should decided what each emotion feels like and is expressed for themselves.

The next part we will be using a book directly, but in this part, children to interpret for themselves .

emotion activities for kids
emotion activities for kids free printable monster cards
Emotions intro activity
emotions activities for kids
Emotions for kids

The time for kids party theme has come

Wear hats or make your own crowns and be Cat-Kings and Queens. Party on Felines!

Play the Cupcake Game for dessert! Or have dessert first!

Kids can use balls made from playdough (if you add a string it’s a balloon).

Let kids choose how they want to cover the circles.

Beginner Ten Frames Pack- Numbers 1 through 5

Mail birthday cards to each alphabet letter using this fun alphabet match activity.

Kids can mail the cards if provided a box with a slot in it.

Click below for the free printable.

SuperGodNotSuperMom Free Printable Happy Birthday Activity

Get yourself in the party mood by declaring “pizza party day” and getting pizza delivered.

Subscribe to get exclusive freebies,

darned good original



Cupcake and Ten Frames


Simple answers to Boredom. Really.

social distancing 4 weeks and counting

Last week of last month, I began social distancing.

A week later, I wrote my first COVID-19 post.

A week after that, we shopped for supplies, ordered a case of toilet paper from Amazon, wrote another post,

And wrote another post to help folks get a handle on needed supplies before the panic hit.

The next week, schools closed here in Oregon and panic hit.

While I’m not exactly happy to be right, I’m happy to be prepared.

Our SE Oregon is rural, opposite of the state from Portland. testing= NONE. Cases= 2 as of yesterday.

False Sense of security? YOU BET.

ANSWER> Spiritual Renewal. Deeper connection with Nature. Humor.

  • Hydroponics: There are small, reasonably priced- hydroponics to grow herbs and cherry tomatoes.
  • Cut and Bend bush or tree branches into a shape FOR A FRAME; decorate.


Create safe places for frogs and other critters. Even in overgrown lots. Only branches are necessary.


Buy a bird feeder or build one. Ditto for a bird bath. Better yet, use what you can upcycle.


If we make our planet sick, we will make ourselves sick.

We are connected.


I am reaching out to friends through social networking and offering to run errands for seniors and single parents. Even though it is personally uncomfortable for me to do this. We each can do one small thing.
This is me. Mel. As Always Living through Learning. I wish EACH of you WELL and, may we all really live, learn, and RELEARN.
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Boredom answers


Poddy Training Routine when it has to get done

toddler routine
Toddler Routine List

I made this to use for a poddy training toddler during the time school is out for her sibling. I need a list to make sure we are going to the poddy on a regular basis, even when I get distracted!

The format is flexible, that’s why I will write the time in, or use a check mark.

Toddler routine free printable childcare parents
Toddler Routine Printable
16 months old or 7 years old, different but the same ha

poddy training routine printable
poddy training routine printable

Literacy + Easy= Preschool Egyptian Necklace

“Joelle” Name Example for the egyptian necklace
Preschool Egyptian Necklace
Preschool Egyptian Necklace= Cartouche

This activity helps my preschoolers realize the context behind letters. It’s easier to comprehend context, because there are pictures representing letters.

no prep= printable+glue+ribbon

They are enthusiastic about seeing their names another way.

I have a personal passion for all artistic expressions,Art Deco being one of my fav’s. Art Deco, and other art forms are influenced by Egyptian expression.

In the American school System, we frequently introduce older cultures in junior high and high school. This doesn’t make sense to me.

If preschoolers can understand dinosaurs, they can understand people lived a long time ago. I use a map/globe, to show them where we are-and Egypt. Preschoolers have no problem with the general knowledge of this.

Preschool is the perfect age to introduce older cultures, they are still curious and interested in everything. Their brains are still growing like a weed! By junior high, we are competing with the instant gratification of technology/gaming.

The instructions and the book titles we read for this are in the download.

WARNING: use supervision while students are making/wearing necklace. *choking * tie it loosely & make sure it goes OVER the head.

for awesome egyptian necklace instructions
download link to find out


St. Pats DIY Decorations-Decor Ideas

I had already packed St. Pat’s craft supplies.

But, I decided I needed more outdoor decor.

I gathered toddler activity supplies and grabbed random items.

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
St Patrick’s Floral Doorstep Decor

This totally looks great to the cars driving past. The light reflects off of the sparkly and shiny bell.
A ceramic container I no longer used, shamrocks, bells and coins stuck on sticks wrapped with washi tape. I cut the coins out of a piece of goal foam. Green foam flower stickers and fake carnations I had used for Valentine decor.
St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
Hanging Paper Shamrocks with Coins

Funky but, admit it..Festive!

I’ve been playing with the drill and drilled holes in the coins. I threaded it all together with embroidery floss. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the washi tape stick. ha

Rock the Shamrock Wreath.

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
Paper Rock the Shamrock Wreath

Wreath directions from link below. This is the decoration we made that has lasted through

SNOW AND WIND, people!!

not the funnest thing in the world

For 3 years. Easiest and I’m not exaggerating , quickest & easy. I came up with this because I’m cheap and impatient. ha

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas
Unicorn Shamrocks multi use charmer

Favorite Alert!

I’ve been experimenting with 3d paper crafts. This one was totally fun to make and it has a UNICORN with a tassel at the end.

I had to FUNK it up. Otherwise it’s boring. Shamrocks.

This is very long, it will work lovely for high ceilings. I even had it hanging over my curtains which I liked.

However, the luck kept crying to go outside…

The wind blows it, it hangs straight down like it’s suppossed to be like that. ha.

Still not the funnest thing in the world

I printed out a shamrock template.

I traced and cut out the shamrocks

I folded 3 or 5 together, placed a long ribbon in center & glued.

I did that all the way down the string.

I cut yellow circles and taped them together with the string inside

I stuck the foam coins on the outside of each of those circles.

Glued 3 Uni heads together ON the string, because the horn is too thin for a hole punch circle.

St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas charmer
St Patricks Decorations Decor Ideas charmer

I needed an excuse to make tassels.


Decorations are made from colored printer paper. Fancier papers will be festive and less funky. ha.

Have a break, have a nature scavenger hunt for kids
Last Minute St Patrick’s Decorations


Flutter Flutter Roll, and Color a Butterfly Preschool Math Game

Preschool Math dice Game Butterfly
Roll and Color a Butterfly Math Game

Direct Download Link Under Flying Butterfly

This game is sweet because children can match and count.

This game is effective because it teaches 1:1 correspondence.

This game is fun because it’s interactive.

Colors Book List Printable Included

This game is art because each child decides how to color the wings.

This game practices taking turns, counting, fine motor and color identification.

This game is versatile because mixed age groups and levels can play at the same time.

Fly Fly Little Butterfly

Shake the Sillies out Preschool Brain Breaks

Shake the Sillies out Preschool Brain Breaks

Preschool Brain Breaks
Shake the Sillies Out

I made these because I like to act things out as a teacher.

I especially like to act like an animals. I like to be silly all the time because it’s my go to stress reliever.

Kids are kids and even if they look at me weird, they still crack up. This week I overheard 7 year old boys at recess. They yelled in unison “Captain Buttcheeks” and shake thier legs. When I saw Parker the next day I said, “Never fear, Captain Buttcheeks is here!” His reaction displayed shock and a smile.

Always keep them guessing. oh yeah, and download below.

shake the sillies out preschool brain breaks
shake the sillies out preschool brain breaks

Corona Virus- The down-low from an Oregonian; including printable lists

*disclaimer: I am sharing information based on my knowledge and experience. Please adapt for your needs.

**Always seek medical help if experiencing breathing issues.

CORONA VIRUS car kit preparation sample


1. Track geographically. I live on the other side of state from Portland.

REALITY: 3/7/20- First case in my county .

2. People carrying it don’t always show symptoms. It can be transmitted with or without symptoms.

REALITY: My husband and I are empty nesters, live in an remote area, and work around few people. We count on being exposed.

3. Not enough testing kits, delay in state lab processing Corona Virus tests, delay in actual numbers of positive cases. Oregon appears to have less cases then it actually has.

REALITY: Neither of us have major health issues, especially respiratory. Keeping distance from elderly friends in case we are positive carriers with no symptoms.

4. Official recommendations: Wash hands/don’t touch face/ stay home if sick.

REALITY: I wear fingerless gloves in public places and Lysol upon return, wash my hands as soon as I get home. (I wear during winter to combat dry skin)

I USE BAR SOAP. I DON’T USE HAND SANITIZER AS IT ONLY KILLS A % of GERMS, there’s no evidence it kills the Corona Virus, and the use of it breaks down the immune system.

I also spray store bought items with Lysol, once arriving home.

*If I took any type of public transportation, I would wipe every thing down where I was going to sit/touch.

Carhartts finger less work gloves click for link (non affiliated)

Preparation Step 1:

“Natural Disaster”- akin to Corona Virus prep.


Spouse employed at college, there are no procedures in place. Employees/students may be quarantined there for a period of time, it’s located across from the hospital.

I have had this in my car for the past few years since I began childcare.



MY REALITY: Oregon follows whatever the CDC page says. I pay attention to my state and county sources of how the Corona Virus testing ismanaged, and positive case locations.

I check random news sources, often through podcasts. Local news/print, state news/print, 411 podcast for statistics.

My Reality: It’s early days….

If I hear an assertion, like, “warm weather kills the Coronavirus”, I check SNOPES.COM to confirm.

For the first time, today’s local recommendation included; if one is elderly or has health problems, to stay home.

The hospital cancelled a health fair today, finally community institutions are taking notice that yes, we should try to avoid crowds/public places if possible.

Download Home Information Checklist here:

Corona Virus Home Quarantine preparation:

Sample of Corona Virus Home Quarantine Supplies

Download Corona Virus Home Quarantine supplies list below:

LATEST (vetted) corona virus podcasts below:

Awareness and Preparation= Getting through this with a sense of “I’ve got a handle on this”


I finally get to be right about something.
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
How gaming meets kids psychological needs and what you can do about it

How gaming meets kids psychological needs and what you can do about it

My step son was 13 when my husband and I got together. He spent all of his free time in his dark room playing XBOX.

My adult kids are old enough that they were preteen/teens by the time every single teen had a phone. So they missed the “getting needs met by gaming” phenomenon.

gaming and kids needs
ME= What is gaming what is a gamer what is Halo why do you wear hoodies in 80 degree weather?

Don’t think I didn’t give in, either.

Was it my idea to buy him the latest PlayStation model for his 17th birthday?

Before I accepted reality, I was always on his case/we went on family trips. Like the beach/comic cons etc.

I knew he and many many many too freaking many teens use gaming as their social outlet. But I was ….


As a “teacher”( formal or not) I was in tears with the “wasted potential”. He aced standardized tests in every area– you feel me ?

Yesterday I heard, “‘the psychological needs that gaming meets….'”

I am paraphrasing- what Nir Eyal discussed.

Preventing YOUR communication from looking like mine :

Dad finally DID make son walk to corner store once a day on weekends. He did walk to school which was 1.5 miles away. (remember we live in a small town) At least we knew he got excercise.
This is really difficult if not started before preteen age, regardless of personality.

EVERY small victory is a BIG VICTORY!

Said step son may have spent 12 hours in his room, but doggone it he walked for 30 minutes that same day ha. AND LETS BE REAL. Your kids will be less resistant because it’s not a step monster bringing in all these new ideas into the dynamic!

We want to keep our kids safe, by doing this we have a challenge finding ‘safe risk’ activities. We can’t say “go play outside” unless its a fenced backyard, and we STILL check every 5 minutes am I right?

what evil looks like hahhahaha

By understanding how gaming can grow to meet needs, we have the tools to keep gaming as a recreational activity, to continue meeting needs OFF LINE.

Preschool Visual Discrimination
how gaming meets psychological needs of kids

Be Aware and Prepare without freaking out- CoronaVirus Covid 19

coronavirus soap not sanitizer readcountcraft
coronavirus soap not sanitizer

I started posting about COVID 19 the last week of Febuary because I believed Americans were not taking it seriously. My state of OREGON, had a delayed response in managing the outbreak- basically only following Federal requirements. Our numbers are false, OR has WAY more cases but its the way the issue is being handled here.



1. Soap kills more germs then hand sanitizer.

2. If hand sanitizer is over used it will decrease the body’s immunity.

3. Hand Soap kills more germs then Hand Sanitizer.

4. We don’t know if Hand Sanitizer kills Covid-19.

Why Institutions use Hand Sanitizer:

1. Less Mess

2. If soap scum is present, germs can grow.

3. Soap and Water are unavailable.

HOME: Use soap and water.

OUT: Use generic diaper wipes. They are cheaper and wipe everything, including hands.

I am offering bite size practical tips, so readers don’t have to do all of the research that I did ,(multiple media sources). “Tips” drawn from work experience, listed at bottom of post.

coronavirus covid19 Checklist
coronavirus covid19 Checklist
corona virus covid19 podcasts
corona virus covid19 podcasts

-Get your news from Podcasts, not mass media.

  • Easier to vet bias. Reading the general description will reveal if it’s political or health related. Or, it’s easy to tell once the person starts talking. The best podcast episodes have a discussion panel of medical experts.
  • Busy People friendly. Podcasts can be listened to on a commute, while fixing dinner, I’m listening to a birding podcast as I type this.
  • Bite size compacted information. There is not as much sensationalized because there is not the visual medium to make it so.


This Week in Virology is one of the best podcasts out there to learn. The podcast has always been about viruses by several virologists. Updated bi weekly.

Corona Virus 411 Daily Update Podcast

“Coronavirus 411 provides daily updates, news, alerts, and information regarding the Coronavirus. Coronavirus 411 podcast collects Information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the World Health Organization (WHO) and other news sources. This information is meant to help people stay informed and updated about Coronavirus.”

This is good for global status and overall viral summary.. However I find my state alerts is best for state numbers. 411 updates, but by the time it broadcasts, Oregon numbers are higher..

5 Live Science Podcast with Dr. Karl and CoronaVirus

Episode: Dr Karl And Coronavirus 2/29

“Rhod’s joined by Dr Karl plus special guests Yolanda Plowman and Joanna Rothwell for a Coronavirus special.”

95% of the podcast answers/clarifies common questions.

corona virus covid19b
corona virus covid19 finding relevant info

The good news is the CDC now allows states and cities to test without permission.

CDC Website below:

My main concern about the CoronaVirus Covid-19 is how each state/city is managing outbreaks. I’m in Oregon, on the opposite side of the state from Portland. No surprise that an elementary teacher tested community (non china related) positive there.

I am going to check tomorrow with a friend who can tell me if procedures are in place at the 1 hospital. I doubt it, but the good news is by the time it hits our area, we will be. (remote small town)

If you live in an urban/suburban area, contact your local hospitals/schools and ask if they have a procedure in place, or when they will put one in place. Institutions will implement under state directions, Google your state health authority/department.

This is what I googled to find Fresno California Coronavirus: ‘ fresno ca health department corona virus’.

Results: news articles and official health department info/links.

Google a similar combination for your state/city if you are unaware of the EXACT Health Department Name.

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Professional background below

The side effect of my career background is personal health/safety management. I’ve worked in:

Adult Homes for the Mentally Ill- Licensed sanitation and hygiene practices, awareness, assisting in client and self health prevention management from colds to changing diapers.

Rest Homes (seniors): Mersa and other communicable health issues, including prevention suits- changing diapers et. al.

Home Health Aide for seniors and mentally ill in their house- These homes are not always completely hygienic.

My Home Daycare following licensing standards- Disaster training required for all day care facilities including writing a plan for 5 possible disaster types.

Preschool Facilities where teachers deal with FLU, COLDS, RSV, etc, LICE prevention on a daily basis.

AND: CPR/EPI-PEN/Diabetes/Adult Aggression

None of these are specific to possible epidemics, however, they are all specific to physical (& mental) HEALTH Prevention, Management, and Crisis.

Rock the Shamrock Activities for Kids

Rock the Shamrock Activities for Kids


This is a Wreath now 3 years old.

I didn’t have a Blog 3 years ago, but we had a great time making this wreath. I cut the shamrocks out, because I like to cut out shapes. However, the Shamrock shapes can be bought. They will be more uniform.

I had a lot of process art that I couldn’t bring myself to toss. I cut shamrock shapes out of some of it so the art wasn’t a total waste.

I did not use tape sparingly, I used white duct style tape but you can use green also. It doesn’t really matter. I believe art is freestyle and most don’t notice imperfections.

Also kids aren’t going to want to stand around while the teacher spends 5 minutes getting the tape “just right”

Completed Shamrock Wreath
Layer the wreath with taped shamrocks.
I bought the frame at the dollar store, it is particle board and I painted the top part green. I used green duct tape when we made it, then re-taped for this photo,
ha ha.
This photo demonstrates the look of the frame and how we “layered” the wreath.

Rock the Shamrock Sheep -baaa

I love using shapes to make pictures, and I saw a comic shamrock sheep drawing somewhere which sparked the idea.

D was going to enter Kindergarten, I liked using SH in sheep and shamrock.

I didn’t have a bulletin board, but I did have a fridge.

the funnest part is to go- baaaaaa, and then a goat goes -maaaa, but a sheep goes- baaaa- aaa- aaa
This is my humble unedited photo. They are saying baaaaa….
Can you spy shamrocks cut out of adult coloring pages? I keep extra shamrocks on hand because well, versatility and I REUSE.

As a part time Nanny I like to make extra projects for the kids, and here is a version of the Shamrock Sheep craft I turned into a kit for the family to make together.

Luck is love multiplied, Spy the Hearts?

All Supplies needed shown. Glue, poms, shamrocks, black and white paper to cut, butcher paper to glue it all on, and coloring tools.


Rock the Shamrock Sheep
I did an outline in peach, then retraced with black. Cut an ovalish for the head, and trace around it. DON’T OUTLINE THE HEAD IN BLACK, ONLY PEACH. BLACK CONSTRUCTION PAPER= 4 LEGS, 2 EARS, 1 TAIL. CUT OUT FACE, after tracing around it, place ears over each side of face, and trace the ear corner onto face and butcher paper. Color in ears.
Besides the Shamrock variety, you need 4 heart shapes to make a Shamrock in the Sheep’s middle.

Make a Big Shamrockstar Sheep for a Small group project, or a smaller one for 1-2 kids. Older kids can complete a big one. Take into account time to complete and size of shamrocks, when deciding your Shamrockstar Sheep Size.

Shamrock Crafts for Kids

How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation With Kids of All Ages (Guest Post)

Source: Pexels

How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation With Kids of All Ages

Growing up, you might have gone on a few fun family vacations, and now you’re thinking of taking your own family on a similar trip. As you begin planning your trip, you might wonder how you can make sure that everyone has a good time. 

Planning a family vacation that satisfies everyone’s interests will take some thought, but considering how you can meet all your children’s needs in advance is worth it. By the time you get home, they will probably start asking when you can visit somewhere new! Here are a few tips to help you pull off the perfect family vacation, no matter how old your children are. 

Secure Your Home

Have you ever worried about the security of your home while you were away on vacation? By setting up an effective home security system before you leave, you can rest assured that your property and belongings will be safe while you’re out of town. For example, you may want to install an automatic door lock

Other smart devices, like programmable lights and a doorbell camera that lets you know if someone is on your property, can provide additional security. According to Nationwide, putting lights on a timer can make it look like someone is still home, which deters would-be burglars. 

Consider Going All-Inclusive

Image via Pexels

If you’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before, you might be surprised by some of the perks and how affordable it can be when you factor in all the services the resort provides. According to U,S, News, prepaying for a stay at an all-inclusive resort will make it easier for you to budget, because you won’t be pulling out your wallet for every little thing you purchase on the trip and trying to keep track as you go. 

When your family stays at an all-inclusive resort, there will be no shortage of things for the kids to do. Most resorts have organized activities for children and teenagers, so their parents can enjoy some downtime. 

Book Spacious Accommodations

Not interested in staying at an all-inclusive resort? If you’re staying in a hotel room or an AirBnb, make sure to book a space where everyone will have plenty of room. Yes, the kids may have to share a room out of necessity, but each member of the family should still have the opportunity to get a little alone time if they need it. 

If you and your kids feel cramped at your accommodations, you’ll likely have to deal with more arguments, and no parent wants to deal with squabbles between siblings on vacation. Keep the peace by ensuring that everyone has breathing room. 

Be Ready to Compromise

What is the key to making sure that everyone is reasonably happy on your family vacation? Be willing to compromise, and make it clear from the get-go that everyone will get the chance to see and do what they’re interested in. Do your best to keep your itinerary fair. You don’t want one child to feel left out, while another gets to choose several activities. 

Explore Outdoors

Image via Pexels

Want to make sure that the kids are totally worn out by the end of the day? Spend plenty of time outdoors! Whether you want to go hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, or simply exploring the wilderness at a nearby state park, there are plenty of opportunities to see the great outdoors on your next vacation. Outdoorsy activities can be fun and appropriate for all ages. 

Going on a family vacation can inspire a love of travel in your children. Plus, you’ll get a welcome break from the responsibilities of the real world for a few days. When your trip is over, you and your family will already be talking about planning your next vacation. 

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how to plan a fun family vacation with kids

Updated: Best Podcasts about Corona Virus outbreak

Updated: Best Podcasts about Corona Virus outbreak

bestcoronavirus information podcasts updated

This was first published the last week of February. Podcasts vetted and updated.

The purpose of this blog is mainly preschool and younger children’s activities, however I post about awareness issues that effect families . I wrote the original post because it was difficult to find information, and few appeared to be taking the management of the virus seriously.

Working with many licensed facilities supporting different at risk populations means I’ve had a 5 pack of breathing masks, 2 first Aid kits, almost obsessive behavior to keep my hands clean for several years. I don’t touch public door handles, I strive to avoid close contact with the public, and my peers have perceived me as a general hypochondriac. Whatever, I agreed with Gates and I’m right, ha.

The Corona Virus information on social media ranges includes conspiracy theories and racism toward Chinese.

I prefer podcasts for information as episodes are usually jam packed, have a descriptive title and in general can be vetted for authenticity easier then YouTube or ugh mainstream TV News.

Most current CoronaVirus subject podcast episodes are junk discussions..Please understand I have ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATION WITH ANY OF THESE BUT DISCOVERED RECOMMENDED PODCASTS WITH A GENERAL SEARCH AND LISTENING. Used critical thinking ears.

Best Podcasts/ Episodes about Corona Virus outbreak:


From The Irish Times, stating it will start podcasting daily updates (from weekly)
Global News Podcast
From the BBC daily update
Image result for coronavirus fact or fiction cnn podcast
CNN Daily Podcast
Daily case statistics, basic info 4 minutes long

best podcast episodes about Corona Virus outbreak

“Vaccines and the N Corona Virus”

Tight packed 4 minute episode explaining the “big picture” of the virus.

Another great related episode is the latest episode, located on the page at the same link. “Pandemics vs Epidemics What they are and how they happen”

best podcasts about coronavirus
BOTANICAL BIOHACKING ( blog and podcast)

Episode: CoronaVirus as a Damp Plague

Chinese Doctors with SARS epidemic experience, explain ” how Novel CoronaVirus causing pheumonia fell into the Damp Plague Category”

Admittedly this is a brainy medical podcast, some of it went over my head, however I found the intro portion and the last portion quite informational. The last portion explains why self medicating “herbal” treatments do not work, and gives explanations of prevention and prevention tips.

One Goal, One Passion- Living through Learning.

Egypt Kids Lesson Plan with activities

Egypt Kids Lesson Plan with activities

I came up with this unit out of a desire to show that language is symbols, just as our alphabet is symbols for sounds-so is hieroglyphics. My goal was to demonstrate the “concept” of the alphabet, as well as incorporate lots of art/engineering and diversity.

Kids love mummies! THAT was the interest “hook”!

We did these over the course of a month, one or two activities a week. I introduced the unit with a scooby doo mummy caper library dvd.

Cartography necklace made with hieroglyphs
After learning about pyramids and burial, they made their own “mummy” stuffed animals
Using my contact paper blocks, they built a pet cemetary and pretended to be pets.
He is being a mummy cat

We also built pyramids with Jenga blocks, egg carton cups,sugar cubes (i don’t recommend because they kept eating haha) and a 3d paper pyramid from a template.

Pyramid building and later days these cups became a favorite as they expanded into castle building.

Pyramid building extension activity. The next month, 4.5yo used Jenga blocks to make a sarcophogus in his own play. He also practiced drawing the “dog god” (anubis)
The printable pack has the lesson plan, links I used for some activities, center ideas, video links.

There is a link to an easy pharoah headdress to print and color which the boys enjoyed making and other activities we did not do. There are lots of choices to personalize for students. There is also a complete alphabet pack of hieroglyphic cards included.


The Very Impatient Caterpillar and Butterfly Number Sense Game Free Printable

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach

WE love this book, its hysterical! Biology + the difficulty of waiting + humor = Bawesomeness! (butterfly + awesomeness)

Free printable, includes a colored key (pictured above) and the same page with a blank key for student to choose her colors.

Direct Download Link Under the Butterfly:

Download Link Below

roll and color preschool math games spring
roll and color a flower
Hop, Waddle and Spy with preschool printables

Hop, Waddle and Spy with preschool printables

Doesn’t this just make you want to hop and waddle into Spring?!

I Spy worksheets are one of the classic ways to build visual discrimination and counting skills.

Direct download below the bunny:

preschool I spy pages direct download link below


corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Preschool I Spy Spring Animals Pages