P is for Puffin

P is for Puffin

On occasion in summer during the school kids quiet time, we watch Puffin Rock. This led to interest in Puffins, and it was the only artic creature that recieved a unanimous vote to learn about. It turns out that Pufrins are pretty cool, their eyes show quite an expression. Penguins are taught in schools here, so I was thrilled to investigate Puffins.

Here are the preschool books we found at our library which my preschoolers found interesting, that are ONLY about puffins, but you can use ANY animal book that includes Puffins.

The Library had these books below also, and while I love Gail Gibbons, they totally were not interesting for the preschoolers. My preschoolers weren’t totally excited about puffins like other animals. They are naturally inclined towards domestic, familiar animals, or familiar fun animals such as monkeys. I added interest by adding “fly like a puffin” or “dig like a puffin” during theme time. The funnies thing is to make puffin noises, one of the sounds they make are a bit like cows!ūüėā

Other books about only Puffins
There are several wonderful Puffin Cams and this clip shows a Puffling hatching! I find the parent’s eyes quite expressive, and it also shows the HABITAT, a burrow. The burrow knowledge helped the children understand other animals who use burrows under the snow during winter.

Here is the free printable P is for Puffin template we used

Click on the link Below to download the file!


Hibernation, similar but different

Hibernation, similar but different

Books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Snow Bears, both books are by Jan Brett. I checked out from the local library. Use these to invite talks about the differences, similarities in both stories. My preschoolers are always interested in exploring a favorite story retelling- and drawn differently!

Be a Bear! Hands on Hibernation

These books were the favorites to learn about hibernation of different animals! Read Goldilocks and the 3 Bears first, then the Three Snow Bears.

After reading the books the first few times, children may notice, or you can talk about the pictures how the same person wrote and drew both books. Or you can introduce that discussion once they are familiar with both books and the similarities/differences in both stories. I leave the Dramatic Play once the children indicate initial comprehension of hibernation. We had our “Cave” up after the first week, and the children helped me set it up while including smaller teddies in smaller “caves”. The 3rd week we built a town (blocks), railroad around mountains (towels over boxes with stuffed animals), and stools as bridges. The the children included more animals figures on their own.

Below is a fun craft with a bear puppet to go with Goldilocks!

Bear Puppet Free Printable by ReadCountCraft

Talk about where brown and polar bears live. Do brown bears really live in a people house? ūü§£ So silly!

After reading Goldilocks and the 3 bears, click on the picture, print and make the bear puppet craft.


Bear House Printable and any decorations, such as, poms, paper shapes, stickers.

scissors and glue (we used gluesticks)

Piece of Construction Paper

Crayons or any medium.

1 Craft Stick per child

**All activities require Adult Supervision**

(The Bear with Backpack graphic is by Trevor Brown, his link is below)


  • Color the House BEFORE cutting it apart.
  • Cut the House Pieces out.
  • Glue the House Pieces onto the Construction Paper.
  • Cut the Brown Bear out on the dotted lines.
  • Tape the back of the Brown Bear to a craft stick with heavy tape.(we used Shipping tape).
  • Cut a line through both the house and the construction paper, for the Brown Bear to slide back and forth into the house. (See finished photo)


Ask them what they want to build a cave with, along with suggestions of using anything you have. Even egg containers can be used!

Remind them that only PREGNANT polar bears hibernate and talk about why this might be. Then use the opportunity to research together. (google it, hahahaha, its great for kids to observe technology being used for research!)

Ask them, when reading Goldilocks and Snow Bears books, what happens in sequence, using First, Then, Last.

Introduce snow or crushed ice during this time.

I like to use YouTube clips before each subject focused booktime. Habitat and Hibernation go hand in hand.

It’s not very exciting to watch a bear hibernate, these are short!

Sleepy bear in natural habitat

So, ask where each bear is living. Which one is manmade, which one is wild? By the end of these book journeys, the children will excercised the following:

  • Critical thinking
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Observation
  • Sequencing
  • Fine Motor
  • Prewrite
  • Pre reading

We played Roll a Bear during the holiday vacation which is a favorite group activity! Roll games are my favorite too because it: encourages drawing, builds printing skills, builds subtizing (see and know the # without counting) (common core) , dots familiarity aids common core K math. We use a huge foam dice from the $store, so they can throw it across the room, not hit anything, and get thier energy out during our cold weather. Between the drawing and the throwing its bubbling SILLY SILLY! 



Free Printable Roll a Snowman

Free Printable Roll a Snowman

My students absolutely love any Roll and Draw games!


Whiteboard/ Paper

Writing Tool

Dice (we use a big foam dice from the $ Store)

How to play: The first person to complete the picture wins! If person rolls what she already has, then she passes her turn.

Skills: Counting, Subsidizing (recognizing without counting), common core, fine motor skills, printing.

Download Link Below: