The Artic: Start with Stories

The Artic: Start with Stories

Same Author, Same Story, different characters.

I checked out about 7 books from the library, for the 1st week of January. This is a great week for extra reading due to the post holiday transition. The children get to choose 1 or 2 stories before naptime.

Reading before naptime take 30-45 minutes because we are interacting about the stories. We will talk about if bears really live in a house like in the Goldilocks story. Where do real bears live?

To spark interest in eventual learning with The Mitten, I highly recommend using this video during this week:

This provides a foundation for skill building focus over the next month:

The Mitten by Jan Brett: Sequencing, measurement, counting, animal identification. (Reading and Math)

The Hat by Jan Brett: Differences and similarities with the Mitten story. Animal Homes and Habitats. (Pre-Reading skills, Science )