Introducing Artic Animals

We start with making artic animals fun with many readings of The Mitten.
I made a “Mitten” out of a hot chocolate box covered with contact paper. I gathered stuffed animals of various sizes to fit into the box.


I read the book (again) and did the activity with the students by putting animals into the mitten individually. The students chose which animal to put in next. We did this several times, with different combinations of animals.

We counted the animals as we were taking them all out of the mitten. Once they became used to counting the animals, we counted the animals as we put them IN the mitten.

Once the children stuffed the mitten severeal times, I introduced the concept of “Less” and “More”. “Less and More” is a Kindergarten Common Core skill. I also think its a great concept to learn!

When the big animals were used, I remark “Oh, not as many fit in there because the animals are bigger.” When more smaller animals were used, “Oh more animals fit in the Mitten because they are smaller!”

Later, “Oh so is there more animals in there then the last time?”
“Oh, is there less animals in there then the last time?”

The children probably already understand “more” , they know what more is so half the learning is done for us! We only have to use the words as a framework! They probably also know what less is, especially if they have siblings and have to share ALL the time!

Towards the end, which is when they get they are winding down from the fun of stuffing animals in and out of the Mitten, I remark, “Oh so was that * more than* or *less than*, the last time?”
I repeat this several times with each student and they are so busy having fun they don’t know they are learning math!

Introducting Artic Animals with The Mitten
Playing The Mitten independently during free time.