Literacy Hibernation Activity -Loaded for Bear

Literacy Hibernation Activity -Loaded for Bear

2 Week to 4 Week Differentiated Preschool Curriculum.


Books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Snow Bears, by Jan Brett. Use these to invite talks about the differences, similarities in both stories. My preschoolers are always interested in exploring a favorite story retelling- leading to similar-but-different discoveries! Literacy Hibernation Activity -Loaded for Bear is built to introduce how animals and people live in the winter, with critical thinking as children notice the differences in how a story is told. I mention frequently that we can take a story and change it to make it our own, which I hope plants the seeds for creative writing , but also gives them confidence in sharing their own stories.

INTRODUCING Literacy Hibernation Activity -Loaded for Bear CURRICULUM:

*Teacher hints: Bears don’t actually sleep-their body metabolism slooowwwss down. Polar Bears don’t hibernate, unless they are pregnant.

Read first: Bear has a story to tell, and Time to sleep.

Introduces the concept of Hibernation. We read interactively as many times as I noticed students understood hibernation concept.

Read second: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Snow Bears.

Preschoolers may not have attention span for these books. I paraphrased some parts, or read just a few pages at a time. Once both books have been read completely at least two times, I introduced the Hibernation play activities.

At my home daycare I provided different building materials:

stools, towels, small blankets, blocks, a paw patrol train track, boxes of different sizes, small stuffed animals.

At a formal preschool I would have course used the Blocks, Manipulatives, Dramatic Play area or Art Area. Students choose to build out of one of those centers. In the Art area I would lead a small group with the book then offer building supplies to “build a cave”: paper lunch-bags, construction paper, card stock, glue, pipe-cleaners and maybe some paper rolls.

Be a Bear! Hands on Hibernation

Literacy Hibernation Activity -Loaded for Bear PRINTABLE AT end of post.

Talk about where brown and polar bears live. Do brown bears really live in a people house? 🤣 So silly!


Bear House Printable and any decorations, such as, poms, paper shapes, stickers.

scissors and glue (we used gluesticks)

Piece of Construction Paper

Crayons or any medium.

1 Craft Stick per child

The Bear’s House.

First, after students color house, cut a line in bottom of door.

THEN Cut it out and Glue onto Paper

While teacher is doing this, students can cut out their bear and use glue stick for gluing bear on craft stick. (I reinforced with tape, before they took home but I’m sure it came apart anyways haha.)


Discuss, when reading Goldilocks and Snow Bears books, what happens in sequence, using First, Then, Last.

I like to intersperse YouTube clips with subject focused book reading. Some children may have never seen a real photo of a bear.

It’s not very exciting to watch a bear hibernate, these are short!

Sleepy bear in natural habitat

So, ask where each bear is living.
READ LAST: Over and under the snow. After the second reading, talk about the animals homes, our homes, even where we would hibernate if we didn’t have a house?

By the end
of Literacy Hibernation Activity -Loaded for Bear, the children will have practiced:

  • Critical thinking
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Observation
  • Sequencing
  • Fine Motor
  • Prewrite
  • Pre reading

Most importantly they LEARNED THROUGH PLAY. They understood through using their imagination, dramatization and practical application!

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