Preschool Stem Activity-Ice Science

Preschool Stem Activity-Ice Science

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  • Supplies:
  • Ice, Salt, Seasoning Salt in containers, set out on a tray.
  • Bubble wrap, plastic sandwich bag
  • Flashlight
  • Cloth for wiping up spilled water
Sneezy the Snowman

INTRO:  Read interactively books which involve melting snow, artic, hibernation. We checked out Sneezy the Snowman from library and read it again, right before activity.

sneezy the snowman story Above is a You Tube Read Aloud link for Sneezy the snowman.

We had been studying artic animals/ hibernation, observed our mini snowmen melt over days; so it was natural for children to put Sneezy the Snowman book AND the Ice experiment together for comprehension of  the 3 states of ice, gas-liquid-solid. I interjected “gas” a couple of times but mainly we focused on the cool stuff the ice did!

snowball fishing (2)

Mini snowman, we built this inside, if snow isn’t available-used crushed ice.

Tray setup

0115190856 PART 1- Melting Ice basic experiment
  1. Each child recieves 3 pieces of ice.
  2. Explain what we are going to do.
  3. Direct children to pour epsom salt on 1 ice piece, seasoning salt on 1 ice piece and the plain ice piece is for comparision.
  4. Encourage them to watch and see what happens. Ask if anything is different, what is it? Why is it? 

0115191001gPART 2- Melting ice extension, or continue later or next day.

  1. Each child recieves 3 pieces of ice.
  2. Explain what we are going to do.
  3.  Ask child to wrap a piece of ice in bubble wrap and set aside on tray.
  4. Ask child to put a piece of ice in baggie, close it, set aside on tray.
  5. Repeat Part 1.
  6. Pass out flashlights, encourage children to keep talking about what is happening and why.
  7. After a few minutes, or when children get bored, have children unwrap the ice in the bubble wrap and remove from baggie.
  8. place both pieces on tray next to control piece. Did ice melt at all, which melted fastest, why and how?
This activity worked great for me as a last minute activity on an stay inside day!

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