Snowball Fishing

Snowball Fishing

snowball fishing

Book: Any snow themed book. We are reading:



  • container
  • cotton balls
  • bells of different sizes
  • Wooden spoons
  • containers to put snowballs into

Another last minute activity I threw together, as a result of being stuck inside!  

Activity builds:

  • fine motor prewrite skill
  • counting
  • patience
  • following directions
  • cooperation, taking turns
  • sensory exploration
  • coordination
  • science-how things move, gravity

Fill bin halfway with cotton balls, and at least 5 bells per child. 

Game: Explain to students: Get bells out by using spoon, using only ONE hand. Each child gets one turn to  attempt to fish out a bell. At the end of the game, have child count their own bells and the one with the most wins!


Independent play activity. Encourage children to dump the bell into the container only using THE SPOON.  I also allowed the children to remove some cotton balls and play with after activity if they wanted.

Extension: Substitute the bells with different objects, or smaller objects to continue skill building. Substitute heavier spoons such as a metal ice cream scoop, for hand strength building. 

BOOKS NOTE: I order and check out our theme books from the library, usually about five if  there are that many. Since we started with hibernation, then artic animals, we are now moving to snow. We just had another snow storm and the subject is very relatable! However, if we were only having a “cold” winter, I might do this activity while reading about ICE and maybe show a video and talk about ice fishing. This is an example of choosing books that are as relevant as possible, AND interesting.

I thought they would be bored with snow books after covering different aspects of winter from december through January. If they lose interest before winter ends, I will shift it to winters are different depending on where one lives.  Always have a back up aspect for your theme!


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