Oregon Winter Cold and clear

Oregon Winter Cold and clear

I grew up in central Cali. I moved to a beautiful rural small town, 40 min from Crater Lake National Park, 15 years ago. Located on the opposite side of the state from Portland. Oregon.

I am adjusted to the weather change. I prefer 4 seasons, vs. Warm and hot. There’s so much wildlife here! Last week there was a peregrine in my front yard with a sterling in is beak! Deer walk in our own on a regular basis.

However by Feb we are all in cabin fever mode,desperate for spring. It’s not the snow that bothers me. It’s not the cold that bothers me. It’s the no warning constant switching back and forth. Four days ago, we received four inches. It warms up when it snows, today the high is 32. Freezing point.

Between trying to adjust my schedule (daycare) and my husbands, and cold means we burn more energy in doing the basics.

So I remind myself. It’s beautiful. That’s why retirees move here, snowball res, and tourists. Of the Eagle migrations, bald Eagles. Raptors,a plethora of water birds and my daily NorthernFlicker woodpecker.

I have the day off and slept twelve hours lol. Below is Klamath Lake, but not frozen like last week.