Mixing colors

Mixing colors

I use this book to introduce mixing colors, and I use it again periodically to review color mixing. We have done several activities practicing color mixing, including oil pastels. Oil pastels continues to be the most popular.


I gave them a huge piece of paper, $store watercolors and three or four jars of water each. The goal was to let them mix paint in the water and watch the water change and explore as they wanted.

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They spent much excitement and wow time predicting what the water color would change to, and then observing the change of color.


 When I thought they might be ready to transition, I mentioned mixing colors on their paper.

mixingcolors (2)
mixingcolors (3)

I truly become inspired when I see this awesomely pure creativity expressed!

(I made some shapes and traced around to create puzzles, then reused for this project)