St. Patrick’s Preschool page

St. Patrick’s Preschool page

St. Patrick’s Find the Difference

I like to use these worksheets for fill in activities. They are great for critical thinking. I put mine in protective sheets so the worksheet can be used again. If I don’t want to re-use, the students will either circle the different one, OR use a bingo dabber.


  • I will also talk about WHAT exactly is the same, and WHAT is different? We talk about same, similar, and different daily with books and other objects, I weave it into the entire day. This helps them categorize, helps with critical thinking, asking questions, and the sorting process of a kind. Understanding and identifying helps them make sense of print. I consider it part of literacy.
  • Of course, these can be used for math too, they like to count EVERYTHING. How many total? How many the same? How many are different? Figuring out less obvious categories also is critical thinking. I endeavor to teach more about THINKING then memorizing.

Enough jabber jabber, under the leprechaun is the link!