St. Patrick’s Preschool I Spy

St. Patrick’s Preschool I Spy

St Patricks I spy preschool
Preschool Perfect

Again, a great fill in activity that I save for schedule changes, especially.  Or a supplemental activity. I started making my own because any of the I Spy printables I found had so many objects, it was cumbersome and took forever. I tested them on my advanced 4yo preschooler and while he completed it, most preschoolers would have been bored. There are far more effective ways to teach counting! Mainly I use it as a different way to reinforce number formation (recognition). Enough jabbering, direct download below the leprechaun..wheeee

P.S. If you want the critical thinking part of “I Spy”, Highlights magazine offers a great series for critical thinking, including their infamous “hidden pictures”, for free in weekly email subscription.