Preschool Math Game- Unicorn

Preschool Math Game- Unicorn

roll and color a rainbow unicorn
Preschool Math Game Roll and Color a unicorn

The fun thing about this game is we use the color rolled for whatever place on the unicorn we want to. So, even the body can be three or four colors!

We use a big foam dice from the dollar store. The student don’t have to worry about dropping the die, throwing it too hard, or losing it. I have done this type of play learning at formal preschool small group also. This game offers differentiated learning.


  1. Pass out a Unicorn Page to each student, gathered around a table. Have the coloring tools in the middle of table.
  2. Each student takes a turn rolling the dice, then passing the dice. If the number has been rolled already, the student takes another turn.
  3. The game is finished when all of the students have their unicorns colored.
  4. Students can move centers if they are finished before others. If students like, they can complete their unicorn coloring at home.

Roll and color a rainbow unicorn to build counting, color, number, 1:1 correspondence,, fine motor skills
Preschool skill building, counting-number recognition-1:1 correspondence, fine motor practice, literacy, social skills with this fun printable!
Finished colorful unicorns!