Mindfulness My Way, Do It YOUR Way

Mindfulness My Way, Do It YOUR Way


Mindfulness my way do it your way
Mindfulness my way do it your way

Ola Dudes! Mindfulness is a Buddhist- then Self Help-New Age-then self help regurgitated- “new” practice because its backed up by neurological studies. 1. I’m 52, I’ve dabbled in all the trends. 2. My son was diagnosed ADHD, and he is more then that, we were on the curve of technology confirming mental illness is a biological thing. I remember when people believed it was “diet” (although we didn’t eat food dyes, red40 was awful), or “parenting”. 3. Psychology Today magazine published this on its cover, I remember CLEARLY.

Yes there is still ignorance out there but it’s better then it was. As an advocate for my son, I had to learn every thing about meds and neurology, the best I could as a layperson. The key is understanding how the brain works.

Not one “treatment” fits all. Our brains are unique and amazing…

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Children’s Books Explaining Bipolar Disorder – Bipolar Parents Need To See This

Children’s Books Explaining Bipolar Disorder – Bipolar Parents Need To See This

brilliant way to stop the stigma and work together as a family

The Dopamine Queen

Did you know the Dopamine royal family doesn’t stop at the queen? That’s right, there are two princes and one princess of dopamine as well. My kids are young, 8, 6 and 6 months. I knew early on I would have to talk to them about my bipolar disorder. It wasn’t until my oldest was 6 years old that it really came up.

I was mid manic episode being super mom cleaning, cooking, folding laundry, singing nursery rhymes and supervising a craft while on the phone with work when it happened. LA dropped a full gallon of milk and it exploded all over the kitchen. I snapped. Some serious manic rage came out directed right at my perfect little dude. He obviously didn’t mean to spill it, in hindsight I was only mad at myself for being too wrapped up in the other stuff going on to notice he needed…

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Math blog that makes a difference: Math Geek Mama

Sharing an experience, unaffiliated with MathGeekMama.com .

At my daycare, I work with my preschooler’s older Brother. He is entering 2nd grade this year. I have some elementary school training, including a paraprofessional certificate. However not since Common Core was introduced.

Math Geek Mama doesn’t target Common Core, but she DOES target how to teach math. From preschool through elementary grades. So after reading and applying some of her instruction, my student’s execution of all the common core steps IMPROVED.

If you want some beneficial points to improve teaching math in home school, or how to help your child improve his public school math, check out Math Geek Mama.

We are all busy and can only afford enough time for a few subscriptions. Math Geek Mama is definitely a worthwhile resource to follow, beyond free printables.