its never too early to teach critical thinking/thanksgiving and technology in ECE


From perusing Pinterest, if the dated “history” of Thanksgiving isn’t being endorsed in lower elementary, then the dated symbols of turkeys and cornucopias, are used in teaching materials. *roll eyes*

One of my goals is to next year be able to provide complete units for purchase, still with some free printables- and Thanksgiving will be my 1st.

We are a small rural area, and the Klamath Tribe still has a presence here in their ancestral lands. The youth last year petitioned City Council to REMOVE Columbus Day.

When I taught preschoolers none of them even believed they had a turkey for dinner, and while we do have wild turkeys out in our brush areas, it is unlikely they have even seen a live turkey. Let’s keep learning relevant.

That being said, there IS a role for technology in preschool, for example: Turkeys on YouTube. I also encouraged them to ask ?’s and looked it up immediately to promote a phone as a learning tool value.

I love my country, and it’s history, but our education system needs to reflect a different aspect of Thanksgiving- until student brains develop critical thinking. For example, Where the Pilgrims landed as opposed to where we live, or the Mayflower vs modern boats, or different kinds of corn, or my favorite, Thankfulness and what/who makes a family.