Hangin’ with my Gnomies

1st attempts =Each has own character. I never know what one will look like til the end. I choose the hat/beard style & make along….

Favs are the 🌟 twins.

2 weeks ago,  I couldn’t find anything thrifty for the beard. In true traditional craftish-i used fur off of a worn jacket.

Last week I finally found the right type of yarn at the Sr Center thrift! 🙌

I can make anything, but I’m not going to spend $ more on supplies, then the item costs in the store.

Crafting organically grew from practicality. 1 couldn’t just buy every single thing, OR afford a brand new what ever.

Also, to be a crafter-, was now how we think of artisans or designers  today.

In my parent’s day, a well worn couch would be recovered with discounted material, so 1 didn’t have to spend $ on a brand new piece of furniture!!

Being an Oregonian, these reflect my high desert forest mountain home- even if they don’t resemble the popular style.

Gnome “wreaths” from Thrifting supplies. Reduce-reuse-recycle!

Crafting -Making- is a passion but also a value that my grandma instilled in me. I remain proud of this & there’s no other feeling MORE satisfying then sort of scavenging materials & creating something OOAK & copying her tradition.

Ironically I’m not a rustic-farmhouse decor person, but I made these to sell locally & most folks here ARE. +gnomes are trendy right now.

I’ll see if this instinct is correct on 12/7. If not, every1 I know is receiving a present gnome bc I can’t have 35 gnomes. Unicorns? Yes. gnomes? GNO!(pun intended. +snicker+)

Below is my favorite gnome inspiration Blog, the writer’s enthusiasm, DIY gnomes are just darling! Many types w/tutorials!