Blog update; 2020

That would be me.

Due to employment changes, I now have time and energy to create the blog I didn’t have time for last year. Here’s a general outline of what subscribers can expect:


  • Mindfulness visualization and journaling. This will continue to be posted Sun p.m. for a fresh Monday.
  • Education: 1 free printable each week. This will be expanded into full book curriculum’s i.e. The Impatient Caterpillar. But this will still only be in 1 post.
  • Craft- 1 of my frugal DIY biweekly or monthly.

Posts will be posted Sat p.m., Sun p.m. and Mon p.m. I really don’t want to glut inboxes with more then 3 posts weekly. For those who are not in a place to use the kid geared printables, you will only have to delete 1 post a week without even opening it.

From April’s Earth Day through Sept: Reducing-Reusing-and how we can help nature/environment with one small action.. Raising awareness and making a difference with a small step. Again this subject will be one post a month, and it will be kid friendly but geared towards adults.

POV sharing;

On a personal note, I am continuing to create while pushing myself to learn the technical stuff of having a blog. For example, I need to update my about me section. I’m self taught with creating all the things I share, as well as launching this blog, and learning less enjoyable tools like SEO keywords.

My goal for this blog is sharing what i learn with others in a way that is simple and practical. The Expansion of the blog is focused on Adults, so now the blog will support adults something as well. I’m an empty-nester pre-google parent, so I totally remember how difficult it was to do any self care. Especially since my son begin receiving SSI @ age 10 because he was and is severely mentally ill, @ 23 he remains so but is married and his wife has replaced his mom in things like paying bills. lol. I’m sure much of my anxiety/OCD arose from years and years of managing crisis behavior.

The point is, most of us, parents or not parents, do not think without thinking. So where can we get our aha moments, those small thoughts and ideas and solutions …if we aren’t thinking without thinking? Every adult deserves at least one pure moment for themselves out of 24 hours.

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