Hidden life of trees journal prompt

Hi friends. I have a migraine from the snow not snow storm inspired changinf air pressure here in SE Oregon so I don’t have a printable

But I do have a mindfulness activity. I started listening to The Hidden Life of Trees, trying to imagine which is almost impossible with a migraine lol.

One fact us that trees in their natural habitat DO talk to each other. If a caterpillar is chomping on a leaf, the tree sends electrical impulses to its surrounding species. Those trees start producing some bitter stuff .

Did you know trees nurture hurt trees? I’ve observed stumps that refused to die against all odds and this us why. Surrounding trees will actually send sugar & other nutrients to the stump.

Here is your choice of action mindfulness journal prompts:

1. Choose a tree you pass by daily. Observe it every day this week. Be curious. Really pay attention. Is it lonely because it has no surrounding trees? Does it have leaves left? If it wasn’t there what would the landscape look like? Does the tree matter? Why or why not?

2. Think of a tree you are familiar with, or really like. After writing it’s name down, free write without considering, the 1st 5 words that come to your mind. Choose one, and decide if that word spies to you. Why or why not?

Okay friends I wish you a leavely week ha!

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