Power up Skill Building:Preschool Math Games- Roll and Color a Valentine

Power up Skill Building:Preschool Math Games- Roll and Color a Valentine

Students match what is rolled to build number and counting skills.

I created Preschool Math games with the roll and color format to help my students build subitizing (amount recognition) skills.

I was helping a K student with homework the first year Common Core was implemented. I began making Preschool Math games with different themes- as a way to incorporate hands on math learning.

****I always have these on hand for a flexible, low-prep, time filler activity. (for example no recess due to inclement weather) Any number of players can play this preschool math game so there is no fighting over center participation, it also practices social skills like all great games do- waiting, patience, helpfulness and good sportsmanship. This can even be played with PARTNERS.

In my preschool I had the luxury of using a blank foam die from the dollar store. I filled in the die and allowed students to throw it across the room, then run and retrieve it. In a formal preschool I used this game style for a 1 on 1 activity for a very active preschooler and he understood and enjoyed the game. I used a version for a small group in a formal preschool, they didn’t throw it across the room but they could throw it in our group area. This took the pressure off, none of us had to worry about losing a small die OR hitting anything, so we could enjoy the game.

This game is great for differentiation. In my preschool and at the formal preschools I had a variety of levels and each student quickly caught onto the game. I have not had one student lose interest, even up to 7 years old.

Instructions for Roll and Color Preschool Math games:

1. Pass out one game sheet to each student. I recommend a max of 5 students per game. Decide about this rule: If student rolls a number of a section that has already been colored, does she roll again/or pass?
{ If student passes the game will take MUCH longer to complete.}
2. Choose who goes first, take turns clockwise. If there’s time I allow the students to roll to see who goes first.
3. Student rolls die. Then colors the matching section of the his envelope. I advice instructor to wait until a student rolls a repeat number, then introduce the “rule” for pass/re-roll.
4. The next in circle rolls and repeats. The player who colors the envelope first, wins. Students can keep playing until their envelope is finished based on time limit. I didn’t have a winner, I had student move to next center/activity when done.

An added bonus is the game format provides for number and counting reinforcement as each student counts or recognizes what she has rolled. All the students were observing the other turns, which results in visual and audible number repetition. One round of the game goes by quickly.


Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine
Preschool Math Game Roll and color a valentine