Preschool Math Memory Game

Preschool Math Memory Game

Preschool Math Game
Preschool Math Game

This game is played as a Standard Memory or Matching Game.

Skill Building:

MATH: Counting, Subitizing, Number Recognition

SOCIAL SKILLS: Following Directions, Turn taking, waiting

Preschool Math Activity Memory Game
Preschool Math Activity Memory Game, Match the Picture Dice card with the Plain Dice card


1. For beginners: Print out 1 copy of each page. Laminate if desired.

2. Cut out cards. Place upside down and spread out on table.

3. Take turns choosing a card, and find the match, like a standard memory game.

4. Play individually, centers, small groups.

5. Add more cards to original deck as skill level increases.

6. Students will need a instructor guidance until they remember the mechanics of the game and are familiar with it. Then, decreased instruction. Repetition of any memory game will aid in learning and retaining information.