New Blog. Creative Process?

My new blog is part of my creative process, akin to a creative dumping ground. I hope to find kindred spirits and perhaps help inspire or give ideas to others and part of the cosmic creative loop. Ha ha.

Below is my new blog link, no more than 4 emails a month. The adult posts I’ve done here are moved over there.

I have a variety of creative output, except cooking. haha. I also try to chomp external input that feed creative “problem solving”. The #1 rule I’ve learned through the years, is the best creative nutrition is creativity that is totally DIFFERENT then my creativity.

As usual, all of my recommendations are sincere and tested. I don’t share anything unless I’ve tested it and convinced it’s beneficial to others. I’m like this as a person, but isn’t anyone else tired of the regurgitation on “trendsetting” social media?

Photography blogs, some with notable reflective writing

stay silly stay kind stay curious

perspective turned on its head (at an angle)

(I’ve read lots of blogging sources, this one has made the largest impact when I adapted some of his content. Plus it’s not the usual blah blah blah writing) His blog is a great example of how to connect content and keep it fresh and interesting vs “regurgitation”.

New Mindset who Dis? Listening to one of this podcasts a year ago, is the reason I made the jump to STARTING a blog I was ‘thinking” about. I receive his emails mainly to remind me to listen to the podcast.

**side effects from reading the PRSUIT mindfulness email may include making power moves, being a carefree goofball, checking off your bucket list and living an unbothered life.”

Podcasts appear to be underrated, but I recommend them. You can learn twice as much in half the time! I always have one on my phone, I only learned of podcast growth a year ago. A reasonable alternative to YouTube as I don’t have time or inclination to sit and watch “TV” so to speak.

Note: I received a diagnosis of Asperger’s 2 days ago. Which explains a lot and would’ve been nice to know before I turned 53 ha ha.