How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation With Kids of All Ages (Guest Post)

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How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation With Kids of All Ages

Growing up, you might have gone on a few fun family vacations, and now you’re thinking of taking your own family on a similar trip. As you begin planning your trip, you might wonder how you can make sure that everyone has a good time. 

Planning a family vacation that satisfies everyone’s interests will take some thought, but considering how you can meet all your children’s needs in advance is worth it. By the time you get home, they will probably start asking when you can visit somewhere new! Here are a few tips to help you pull off the perfect family vacation, no matter how old your children are. 

Secure Your Home

Have you ever worried about the security of your home while you were away on vacation? By setting up an effective home security system before you leave, you can rest assured that your property and belongings will be safe while you’re out of town. For example, you may want to install an automatic door lock

Other smart devices, like programmable lights and a doorbell camera that lets you know if someone is on your property, can provide additional security. According to Nationwide, putting lights on a timer can make it look like someone is still home, which deters would-be burglars. 

Consider Going All-Inclusive

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If you’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before, you might be surprised by some of the perks and how affordable it can be when you factor in all the services the resort provides. According to U,S, News, prepaying for a stay at an all-inclusive resort will make it easier for you to budget, because you won’t be pulling out your wallet for every little thing you purchase on the trip and trying to keep track as you go. 

When your family stays at an all-inclusive resort, there will be no shortage of things for the kids to do. Most resorts have organized activities for children and teenagers, so their parents can enjoy some downtime. 

Book Spacious Accommodations

Not interested in staying at an all-inclusive resort? If you’re staying in a hotel room or an AirBnb, make sure to book a space where everyone will have plenty of room. Yes, the kids may have to share a room out of necessity, but each member of the family should still have the opportunity to get a little alone time if they need it. 

If you and your kids feel cramped at your accommodations, you’ll likely have to deal with more arguments, and no parent wants to deal with squabbles between siblings on vacation. Keep the peace by ensuring that everyone has breathing room. 

Be Ready to Compromise

What is the key to making sure that everyone is reasonably happy on your family vacation? Be willing to compromise, and make it clear from the get-go that everyone will get the chance to see and do what they’re interested in. Do your best to keep your itinerary fair. You don’t want one child to feel left out, while another gets to choose several activities. 

Explore Outdoors

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Want to make sure that the kids are totally worn out by the end of the day? Spend plenty of time outdoors! Whether you want to go hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, or simply exploring the wilderness at a nearby state park, there are plenty of opportunities to see the great outdoors on your next vacation. Outdoorsy activities can be fun and appropriate for all ages. 

Going on a family vacation can inspire a love of travel in your children. Plus, you’ll get a welcome break from the responsibilities of the real world for a few days. When your trip is over, you and your family will already be talking about planning your next vacation. 

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how to plan a fun family vacation with kids