Emotions Activities for Kids- Intro

Choose an Emoji Card from the Deck and build Emoji from Skittles
Finished Anger Emoji, getting water ready to pour
Does the result of the experiment “look like” the emotion on the card- Anger?


  • Open up discussion to talk about emotions in an objective framework.
  • Use Art mediums to express emotions.
  • Practice connecting the invisible with the visible and physical expression.


  • Game
  • Interactive
  • Open Ended
  • Exploratory


Emotions activities for kids
Emotions activities for kids introduction – BOOK ONE
Emotions activities for kids introduction
Emotions activities for kids introduction BOOK 2
  • 1 person reads
  • 1 person acts an emotion

Any book that allows the emotions to be acted out can be used.

Choose a card from the Emoji card deck. Make Emoji Skittles emotion.

Emotions activities for kids
Skittles Emotions activity cards pg 1
Skittles Emotions activity cards pg2
Skittles Emotions activity cards pg3

Free Printable Pack Includes:

  • Supplies list & Prep (cards printed/cut, water, 1 pk skittles)
  • Detailed Lesson Activity Instructions

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aka Captain Buttcheeks-

building skills but not in a boring way.

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Emotions Activities for Kids