Be Aware and Prepare without freaking out- CoronaVirus Covid 19

coronavirus soap not sanitizer readcountcraft
coronavirus soap not sanitizer

I started posting about COVID 19 the last week of Febuary because I believed Americans were not taking it seriously. My state of OREGON, had a delayed response in managing the outbreak- basically only following Federal requirements. Our numbers are false, OR has WAY more cases but its the way the issue is being handled here.



1. Soap kills more germs then hand sanitizer.

2. If hand sanitizer is over used it will decrease the body’s immunity.

3. Hand Soap kills more germs then Hand Sanitizer.

4. We don’t know if Hand Sanitizer kills Covid-19.

Why Institutions use Hand Sanitizer:

1. Less Mess

2. If soap scum is present, germs can grow.

3. Soap and Water are unavailable.

HOME: Use soap and water.

OUT: Use generic diaper wipes. They are cheaper and wipe everything, including hands.

I am offering bite size practical tips, so readers don’t have to do all of the research that I did ,(multiple media sources). “Tips” drawn from work experience, listed at bottom of post.

coronavirus covid19 Checklist
coronavirus covid19 Checklist
corona virus covid19 podcasts
corona virus covid19 podcasts

-Get your news from Podcasts, not mass media.

  • Easier to vet bias. Reading the general description will reveal if it’s political or health related. Or, it’s easy to tell once the person starts talking. The best podcast episodes have a discussion panel of medical experts.
  • Busy People friendly. Podcasts can be listened to on a commute, while fixing dinner, I’m listening to a birding podcast as I type this.
  • Bite size compacted information. There is not as much sensationalized because there is not the visual medium to make it so.


This Week in Virology is one of the best podcasts out there to learn. The podcast has always been about viruses by several virologists. Updated bi weekly.

Corona Virus 411 Daily Update Podcast

“Coronavirus 411 provides daily updates, news, alerts, and information regarding the Coronavirus. Coronavirus 411 podcast collects Information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the World Health Organization (WHO) and other news sources. This information is meant to help people stay informed and updated about Coronavirus.”

This is good for global status and overall viral summary.. However I find my state alerts is best for state numbers. 411 updates, but by the time it broadcasts, Oregon numbers are higher..

5 Live Science Podcast with Dr. Karl and CoronaVirus

Episode: Dr Karl And Coronavirus 2/29

“Rhod’s joined by Dr Karl plus special guests Yolanda Plowman and Joanna Rothwell for a Coronavirus special.”

95% of the podcast answers/clarifies common questions.

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corona virus covid19 finding relevant info

The good news is the CDC now allows states and cities to test without permission.

CDC Website below:

My main concern about the CoronaVirus Covid-19 is how each state/city is managing outbreaks. I’m in Oregon, on the opposite side of the state from Portland. No surprise that an elementary teacher tested community (non china related) positive there.

I am going to check tomorrow with a friend who can tell me if procedures are in place at the 1 hospital. I doubt it, but the good news is by the time it hits our area, we will be. (remote small town)

If you live in an urban/suburban area, contact your local hospitals/schools and ask if they have a procedure in place, or when they will put one in place. Institutions will implement under state directions, Google your state health authority/department.

This is what I googled to find Fresno California Coronavirus: ‘ fresno ca health department corona virus’.

Results: news articles and official health department info/links.

Google a similar combination for your state/city if you are unaware of the EXACT Health Department Name.

corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
Professional background below

The side effect of my career background is personal health/safety management. I’ve worked in:

Adult Homes for the Mentally Ill- Licensed sanitation and hygiene practices, awareness, assisting in client and self health prevention management from colds to changing diapers.

Rest Homes (seniors): Mersa and other communicable health issues, including prevention suits- changing diapers et. al.

Home Health Aide for seniors and mentally ill in their house- These homes are not always completely hygienic.

My Home Daycare following licensing standards- Disaster training required for all day care facilities including writing a plan for 5 possible disaster types.

Preschool Facilities where teachers deal with FLU, COLDS, RSV, etc, LICE prevention on a daily basis.

AND: CPR/EPI-PEN/Diabetes/Adult Aggression

None of these are specific to possible epidemics, however, they are all specific to physical (& mental) HEALTH Prevention, Management, and Crisis.

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