Rock the Shamrock Activities for Kids

Rock the Shamrock Activities for Kids


This is a Wreath now 3 years old.

I didn’t have a Blog 3 years ago, but we had a great time making this wreath. I cut the shamrocks out, because I like to cut out shapes. However, the Shamrock shapes can be bought. They will be more uniform.

I had a lot of process art that I couldn’t bring myself to toss. I cut shamrock shapes out of some of it so the art wasn’t a total waste.

I did not use tape sparingly, I used white duct style tape but you can use green also. It doesn’t really matter. I believe art is freestyle and most don’t notice imperfections.

Also kids aren’t going to want to stand around while the teacher spends 5 minutes getting the tape “just right”

Completed Shamrock Wreath
Layer the wreath with taped shamrocks.
I bought the frame at the dollar store, it is particle board and I painted the top part green. I used green duct tape when we made it, then re-taped for this photo,
ha ha.
This photo demonstrates the look of the frame and how we “layered” the wreath.

Rock the Shamrock Sheep -baaa

I love using shapes to make pictures, and I saw a comic shamrock sheep drawing somewhere which sparked the idea.

D was going to enter Kindergarten, I liked using SH in sheep and shamrock.

I didn’t have a bulletin board, but I did have a fridge.

the funnest part is to go- baaaaaa, and then a goat goes -maaaa, but a sheep goes- baaaa- aaa- aaa
This is my humble unedited photo. They are saying baaaaa….
Can you spy shamrocks cut out of adult coloring pages? I keep extra shamrocks on hand because well, versatility and I REUSE.

As a part time Nanny I like to make extra projects for the kids, and here is a version of the Shamrock Sheep craft I turned into a kit for the family to make together.

Luck is love multiplied, Spy the Hearts?

All Supplies needed shown. Glue, poms, shamrocks, black and white paper to cut, butcher paper to glue it all on, and coloring tools.


Rock the Shamrock Sheep
I did an outline in peach, then retraced with black. Cut an ovalish for the head, and trace around it. DON’T OUTLINE THE HEAD IN BLACK, ONLY PEACH. BLACK CONSTRUCTION PAPER= 4 LEGS, 2 EARS, 1 TAIL. CUT OUT FACE, after tracing around it, place ears over each side of face, and trace the ear corner onto face and butcher paper. Color in ears.
Besides the Shamrock variety, you need 4 heart shapes to make a Shamrock in the Sheep’s middle.

Make a Big Shamrockstar Sheep for a Small group project, or a smaller one for 1-2 kids. Older kids can complete a big one. Take into account time to complete and size of shamrocks, when deciding your Shamrockstar Sheep Size.

Shamrock Crafts for Kids

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