Corona Virus- The down-low from an Oregonian; including printable lists

*disclaimer: I am sharing information based on my knowledge and experience. Please adapt for your needs.

**Always seek medical help if experiencing breathing issues.

CORONA VIRUS car kit preparation sample


1. Track geographically. I live on the other side of state from Portland.

REALITY: 3/7/20- First case in my county .

2. People carrying it don’t always show symptoms. It can be transmitted with or without symptoms.

REALITY: My husband and I are empty nesters, live in an remote area, and work around few people. We count on being exposed.

3. Not enough testing kits, delay in state lab processing Corona Virus tests, delay in actual numbers of positive cases. Oregon appears to have less cases then it actually has.

REALITY: Neither of us have major health issues, especially respiratory. Keeping distance from elderly friends in case we are positive carriers with no symptoms.

4. Official recommendations: Wash hands/don’t touch face/ stay home if sick.

REALITY: I wear fingerless gloves in public places and Lysol upon return, wash my hands as soon as I get home. (I wear during winter to combat dry skin)

I USE BAR SOAP. I DON’T USE HAND SANITIZER AS IT ONLY KILLS A % of GERMS, there’s no evidence it kills the Corona Virus, and the use of it breaks down the immune system.

I also spray store bought items with Lysol, once arriving home.

*If I took any type of public transportation, I would wipe every thing down where I was going to sit/touch.

Carhartts finger less work gloves click for link (non affiliated)

Preparation Step 1:

“Natural Disaster”- akin to Corona Virus prep.


Spouse employed at college, there are no procedures in place. Employees/students may be quarantined there for a period of time, it’s located across from the hospital.

I have had this in my car for the past few years since I began childcare.



MY REALITY: Oregon follows whatever the CDC page says. I pay attention to my state and county sources of how the Corona Virus testing ismanaged, and positive case locations.

I check random news sources, often through podcasts. Local news/print, state news/print, 411 podcast for statistics.

My Reality: It’s early days….

If I hear an assertion, like, “warm weather kills the Coronavirus”, I check SNOPES.COM to confirm.

For the first time, today’s local recommendation included; if one is elderly or has health problems, to stay home.

The hospital cancelled a health fair today, finally community institutions are taking notice that yes, we should try to avoid crowds/public places if possible.

Download Home Information Checklist here:

Corona Virus Home Quarantine preparation:

Sample of Corona Virus Home Quarantine Supplies

Download Corona Virus Home Quarantine supplies list below:

LATEST (vetted) corona virus podcasts below:

Awareness and Preparation= Getting through this with a sense of “I’ve got a handle on this”


I finally get to be right about something.
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips
corona virus covid 19 podcasts and tips