Virus Life Style Snapshots

Disclaimer: I have been unable to re-post regularly.

My new reality means I’m focusing only on quality content for subscribers NOT numbers. The goal of this blog remains to equip other educators-formal and informal.

Look for a new activity every weekend, or 2 new activities every other weekend.

A male Robin has since torn down the nest and starting a new one in the crutch of this tree. Guess she wants a condo!
I continue to work as a nanny for a Phlebotomist and an Arborist, we spend them all outdoors.

The Left pair is for a 4.5yo in physical therapy and the other is a standard pair for 2/5yo , both special ordered. I will have Etsy eventually with pre-made pairs, shamelessly promoted here, lol.
Working with a brilliant but semi defiant 7 yo kid means I have to check my attitude, and the 17mo old HEARTS this!
I have a WRY sense of humor how the else do you survive these times without being totally complaining or anxious? As I write this, there is a MEAT shortage in stores -human behavior can be fascinating but THIS IS GETTING OLD.


Virus Lifestyle Snapshots