I’m only here for the Mask Controversy-Why Trump didn’t Mask up

I’m only here for the Mask Controversy-Why Trump didn’t Mask up

Q: Why are Trump and others, “anti-mask”?

Why Trump chose not to wear a mask, is more important than whether or not he does.

Behavioral Economics S. Bhanot and M. Childs discuss identify the psychological roots of the controversial tree:

Trump can’t see Covid-19 danger like he saw danger on his construction site.

Health workers have always worn masks, my husband wears a mask when he sprays pesticides, it’s common sense that a mask is going to stop your spit from flying everywhere and infecting those around you.

Psychotherapist Dr. Ernst discusses the perception of danger, not fact, is key to decision making. “Logically, wearing a mask is no different from not drinking and driving.” Behavioural economics demonstrates many decisions are based on emotions not facts.
Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden listens as he meets with small business owners, Wednesday, June 17, 2020, at Carlette’s Hideaway, a soul food restaurant, in Yeadon, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Pro-maskers also choose based on emotion.

Dr. Ernst explains. “Others wear masks because they’re role models for others and feel responsible for them in their role as leader or influencer”.

We follow our Tribe.

“However numerous experiments from social psychology also show that we can be blindly susceptible to the influence of others.”



Behaviour Economics shows the invisible forces that drive Trump’s, Biden’s, and each of our choices.

The vital issue isn’t about the mask. The important issue is what drives pro/con mask choices. Understanding the psychological factors driving Trump and Biden’s choice, helps us to understand these men beyond the political arena. Understanding the drive behind their choices, equips us to choose wisely with our own.

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