Easy Unicorn ornament for your kids!

I created this for a 2 year old little girl who loves unicorns! Secretly, okay NOT-so-secret, I love unicorns and I had to make something with these christmas unicorns. Christmas-corns?

The download at the end of the post has the 3 different designs. These will appeal to children from 2yo to 7 yo.

I suggest handing out the supplies, even for students who are old enough to make this without help. Otherwise students may cut the ribbon too short or 2 feet long etc.

This Unicorn Ornament Craft builds fine motor skills and even older kids still need practice with fine motor skills for printing/cutting and just hand coordination development in general.

The Ornament craft also helps with methodology, sequencing, because of the step by step directions. Mentally organizing/critical thinking skills, real life application skills.

Supplies: Unicorn ornament page ribbon

(or rubber bands)


Hole Punch

Optional: Plain paper for the back piece and glue


Print the ornaments- Use *1* page for 3 students, or *1* page for 1 student making all three.

Cut the Ornaments out for kids who are too young to use scissors

Cut ribbon pieces, I cut about a foot because it’s better for tying, and the extra can be cut off.

If you are short on ribbon, just loop a rubber band through the top.

Instructions shown below:

First step if applying the back piece
That’s it! Super practical and easy, and best of all FUN.
Living through Learning, one Unicorn at a time