Made for walking feet- Toddler moccasins created by nature

35$ a pair, if interested email me and I will list for purchase in my Etsy store.

Traditionally made using traditional material from my area in SE Oregon. We are rural and traditional home to the Klamath/Modoc/Snake River tribe. I was taught how to make these by my Native friends. I’ve been making these for 10+ years, mainly as gifts. This year I had requests so I made a few extra.

Deer hide is softer then commercial leather. These shoes are so great for foot development because they form to the feet. They are also the best to learn and practice those walking steps because kids can feel the ground as if they are barefoot.

Moccasins are sewn with sinew, which is animal fat. It lasts much longer then cotton thread. So these shoes don’t wear out before they are outgrown and can be used by another child.

Not mad for getting wet. Shoes are not sprayed with anything and leather and rain don’t like each other. A little dampness won’t ruin them but getting WET will.

I’m not going to be making more of these, the deer hide is very hard to get locally now. I don’t like buying my hide online bc I like to feel it and examine it. I am moving from hand crafting items, moving towards teaching how to make them.

If interested in these or seeing a few other pairs I have made, hit the email link at the top of this page or comment below. I will list on Etsy, you can purchase through there. Can’t offer free shipping but they fit in a 10$ USPS box, I don’t know how much international is.

toddler moccasins all natural materials -traditional NW craft
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