5 Leaves in a Truck- Preschool Math Practice page

I created these preschool Math Pages for a 2yr old that I'm working with one on one. We are practicing numbers, counting, subitizing. Unofficially though, this looks so dang cute on a fridge, ha ha!

Cut and Paste Leaves onto a truck for counting practice and number recognition. Children can color the Truck photo and leaves, or use the colored leaves.

5 Leaves in a Truck Practice Pages Skill Building Areas:

  • Cutting practice for square leaf cutouts
  • Coloring uses fine motor skills
  • Squeezing liquid glue uses hand strength
  • Applying Stick glue uses fine motor skills
  • Color, Cut, Paste builds sequencing

5 Leaves in a Truck Preschool Practice Pages in Color and Black and White