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5 Pumpkins Preschool Mathize Me, no prep

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Count Pumpkins in a Truck, and Color a Pumpkin, 2 Free Activities to build those math skills.
Preschool Math Activity
Preschool math activity

I own and use these 2 books with these activities. (no afflilation)

I checked out many 5 little pumpkins books and this is my favorite, the hard cover is actually soft with soft edges so it's durable. It's not board, its puffy board some type of plastic I think-VERY EASY TO CLEAN.

Pete the cat is my go-to, I'm still completing my Pete the Cat collection.


Print out and Cut pumpkin squares.

Hand out numbers 1-5 to students.

Paste squares on truck.

Cut and Paste:

Black and White, Color sets to mix and match.

Roll and Color a Pumpkin Game.

Print out pages, 1 per student or 1 per small group.

Students roll one die and color in matching section.

If one number is left, can allow extra rolls per turn per time constraints.

Roll and Color a Pumpkin

Both activities build counting, number recognition and subitizing skills.

preschool math activity
Living Through Learning, One Pumpkin at a Time
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