5 Ways Your Family can Celebrate Black History Month

*Download the Black History Month Inspirational Quotes Journal at the end of this post*

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Black History Month is an opportunity to increase awareness and spotlight the contributions and achievements of Black Americans. Celebrate Black History Month by paying attention to contributions by Black Americans.

As white parents, we need to raise our own awareness. We also need to raise awareness with our children, because we cannot count on schools or any other organization to do this for us.

Celebrate Black History Month by participating in local or virtual events.

Not all communities have events celebrating Black History Month. My community does not. Thankfully with Google, Zoom and online technology- we now have numerous opportunities available to us to participate in online events to learn and celebrate Black History. To find local events, Google or search Facebook for announcements of events in your community.

Every family should make Black History Month as an occasion to learn and celebrate, just like other holidays. White parents, like myself, have a special responsibility to learn ourselves so we can teach our children. Not only overt teaching, but nurturing an innate awareness that our children will inherit.

Celebrate Black History by Celebrating Black Artists

This site celebrates Black Poetry and Jazz officially in April. Use this page to find references to activities and resources to explore. Choose any of the items off of the list to learn about Black American contributions as part of your Black History Month celebration.

Joyful ABC Activity Books download is an example of one of the resources listed on the National Museum African American Museum of History and Culture's website.

Celebrate Black History by Learning Black History and Culture

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration offers an online conference for 4th graders through adults, to learn about African American artists. Sign your family up for this free conference presented by the Smithsonian Museum. Register one to three months ahead of time to sign up to attend the conference, here.

  • Read Black History Books to your Kids. There are 25 books on this list, to read with kids ages Four and older. Choose at least one book that your child will naturally be drawn to based on his/her interest, and one book that is introducing brand new material.

For example, a child who enjoys sports may naturally be drawn to “Teammates”, but then you would also introduce a second book, such as “Mae Among the Stars” which highlights the first female African American astronaut.

Listen to the 1619 Podcast

This podcast is part of The 1619 Project challenges us to reframe U.S. history by marking the year when the first enslaved Africans arrived on Virginia soil as our nation's foundational date”. The podcast itself is suitable for adults and teenagers, and can be played in the car while running errands with your kids. Parents and other educators can download this Free Curriculum Guide to help augment discussion. Issues highlighted from this podcast and curriculum are an integral part of American History and should not be overlooked in Celebrating Black History Month.

Celebrate Black History Month by following Black Content Creators.

We need to Celebrate Black History month with action. The easiest way to take action is to follow Black Content Creators. We are on at least one social media channel daily, if not several times a day. Following Black Content Creators gives support, as costs nothing. There are some Black Content Creators that have platforms specifically for the Black Community. As a white person it's important I listen and learn to these platforms to Celebrate Black History Month.

100 Black Content Creators You Should be Following

Celebrate Black History Month by Buying from Black Businesses.

Make it your business to buy from Black Owned Businesses. “Voting with our money” is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference in our communities.

Celebrate Black History Month by starting the habit to become aware of Black Owned businesses that you can patronize locally. We can expand our support and impact by also buying online from Black Owned Businesses. Next time you go to order off of Amazon, check first to see if you can find what you are looking for in a Black-Owned Etsy Shop.

1500+ Black-Owned Etsy Shops

Celebrate Black History Month by making traditional African food

Cooking with kids is always a great way to spend time together. It's a practical activity because we all need to eat, and offers an opportunity to learn life skills. Why not make Traditional African- American Food part of your Black History Month Celebration? Even picky eaters should like “Irio”, a Kenyan dish made with mashed potatoes, peas and corn.

Ten Tops Easy-to-Cook Traditional African American Food

Celebrate Black History Month by teaching kids songs of the Civil Rights Movement

No holiday celebration is complete without music. Check out the list of the iconic songs of the Civil Rights Movement and the story behind each song. Singing “This Little Light of Mine” and teaching the origin of this song as part of the Civil Rights movement, is a cheerful way to Celebrate Black History Month with your family. There are quite a few kids books written for children about Martin Luther King Jr, and use this kid-friendly rap video about Martin Luther King Jr as an upbeat activity to partner with your reading.

Don't forget about using reflection and discussion as a part your activities to celebrate Black History Month.

An important part of celebrating Black History Month is to raise our awareness, and to reflect upon our new awareness.

Celebrate Black History Month by reflecting in this Black History Month Inspirational Quotes Journal

To be completely transparent, as a white person I prided myself upon my experience of growing up and living in really diverse areas. I grew up in Fresno California which is an incredibly diverse community. Growing up in a diverse community does not mean that I understood the experiences of the people of color in my community.

We need contributions and history of black Americans to be the norm in our daily lives. Celebrating Black History month is the first step.

I made this journal to help memorize “Black History Month Quotes”. Use the pages in this journal to reflect upon Black History Month. Write your thoughts about each Black American Quote. This is a daily journal that you can use for reflection, even after Black History Month is over. I'm sharing this journal as a free download, and I invite you to Celebrate Black History Month and reflect with me.

Living Through Learning, one reflection at a time

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    But, I’m a 72-year-old Black Digital Marketer and I was pleased as punch to see your Black History Month Journal. I bought the Commercial rights version on Creative Fabrica and then I read your blog post. It was a real joy to see you encouraging white parents to educate themselves in order to inform and sensitize their children to the importance of Black History because of course, Black History is American History!
    You made it seem all so normal and regular, as it should be.
    I grew up in Queens, New York, and my parents took us to all the ethnic festivals throughout the city. I enjoyed it so much and it helped me understand other cultures, foods, dances, clothing, and humor! New York was very rich in that way.
    Thanks again for what you do. I may stick around because I see a financial fitness post that looks interesting.
    Also, I need to get on the Blacks on Etsy list and those beautiful young Black Influencers warmed my heart! You have truly made THIS day and I have many great days as I am retired and living in Panama.

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