Preschool Math Game Roll and Color A Robin

Preschool Math Game
Preschool Math Game
This is the NEST that ROBIN built, suggested book for Roll and Color a Robin.

This game is great for number recognition and counting. Simply color what assigned number is rolled. Decide the rule if the number has been previously rolled- a. Pass turn or b. roll again.

Direct Download Link underneath robin photo:

Blank template included to use as a coloring page.

preschool math game
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Nature vs Nurture Mom’s day 2019

This book, Done with the Crying, has helped healing. No one talks about this issue, but there’s 100s of us we are everywhere as the book cites for research.

For the first time in 3 years, I did not get depressed or busying myself in an anxiety spike to get through the day. My mom died one year and my youngest daughter emancipated so she could live with her step dad the next. She’s 19 now and still silent. I’m close to my 32 non bio daughter, but she’s up and over the mountain 6 hours.

Birder Trail Moore Park

I hiked all day. Easy hikes, with my dogs. I always find something in nature to reflect my inner state. I don’t know why in the heck a white lily was growing in our high desert bird trail about our in town park, but that totally is my heart analogy. See the insect eaten edges?

LInk river

Our area is known for birds, water Birds, raptors, birdie birds, woodpeckers. I didn’t get good shots w/my camera phone, but I saw loads of Grebes, and their dance. example at below link.

Lizzy and Jonesy

Sometimes we have cougars roaming above the park, but Jonesy is chi/blue healer so he’s got really good alert instincts and we are intune. The red dirt provides good trackage for pawprints.

Winters are TOUGH, many move and leave. I grew up in Fresno, but my heart was always in the NW. Here since 2004. Our winter was full of snow this year, including 8 inches in MARCH. SO depressing. Its good for the drought, so we dont’ get 100s of ducks dying of botchulism. But you have to be hard core to live in this High Desert, no Target, rural town.

We don’t take much for granted here. But it was the Trilling Mother’s Day. Because the red wing blackbird’s were everywhere trilling, I think b/c their mates were nesting and the males were warning. I walked the link river trail, half the bird trail and sat in a marina boat launch area, and I swallowed that Creator’s gift.

Deer a Month Ago in my friend’s neighborhood
red tailed hawk at Tulelake refuge early fall

Roll and Color an ABC Flower- Preschool and Kindergarten Math Game

We are mastering letter recognition and targeting sounds. Recognition they know Aa 100%, B 75%, b 25%, C I just introduced because it is one of the easier letters. After we go through the entire alphabet in sequence by three’s, I will target pairs. d and b. e and c-to aid the students forming e correctly by contrasting. p and b, and so forth.

Today we played the first time and it is a challenge for the students which is what I wanted. They really have to follow the steps , slow down, focus and think.

Pack Includes: Instructions, page with Key, (shown above) page without Key, Key Page, and Page with a no color key so colors can be personalized.

I don’t think anyone reads the blurbs but I wanted to explain WHY ha ha.

My 1st and 2nd grader are struggling with common core. The 2nd grader JUST started struggling. My observation is simply the material is not given enough time to sink in. The students are doing the steps without understanding the WHY, or dynamics. I’m NOT anti-common core, I’m anti rushing through material to meet standards.

As a result I am trying to build as much common core methodology with my preschoolers, so they will only have to focus on the actual math work and not the procedures. I started at age 4, not knowing if they were ready but they have picked it right up.