Roll and Color a Duck, preschool math practice page-no prep

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Roll and color a duck preschool math game practice page-no prep
  1. I invented this game to help preschoolers with common core in Kindergarten.
  2. Common core uses a ten frame and also these dice number blocks, so if they have the dots memorized at a glance, they won't have to count them all the time as K students. This gives them one step ahead of the game when they enter K.
  3. Even without common core, it's an interactive game that helps with counting and recognition of objects without counting.
  4. I like to use a big foam dice from the dollar tree, as it can't break anything no matter how hard it's thrown.
  5. If the student has the same # he can pass. I usually have them pass if the number is colored at the beginning, but towards the end for time saving, I increase the turns. Say if there's one number left and most of the group has only one section to color-I up the turns to 3x a piece.
Before and After coloring in.

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