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Egg and Chick Letter Match

egg and chick alphabet letter match
egg and chick alphabet letter match

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You decide.

  • Use these as memory match cards or flash cards.

  • Attach craft sticks, for interactive storytime. Use these “puppets” for counting chicks in story books.

  • Use the Letter E card for Egg, and C card for Chick, and interact along with a Chicken Lifecycle book tale.




Chicks Lifecycyle Books:

  • Let's Hatch Chicks by Lisa Steele

  • From Egg to Chicken by Gerald Scrace Legg

  • The Mother Hen: the Hen and the Chicks by Jemimah A. Admas

Other  books:

  • A New Chick for Chickies by Janee Trasler

  • Chickies series by Janee Trasler

Building skills with books:

  • Alphabet letter recognition

  • Counting

  • Pre-reading

  • Pre-writing

Incorporate technology with biology and counting:

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