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Alphabet Juice- Keeping it Fresh- Teaching the alphabet

alphabet juice matching letters

My playful alphabet set where kids get to match the slice to the juice glass. They can even put the slice in the juice and pretend- slurp slurp slurp.

This practices my teaching method for alphabet letter recognition.

(PRIMARY Guideline: Focus on lowercase letters primarily using books and environmental print. We see lowercase letters more frequently then uppercase letters.)



  • Print the Direct Download from link at end of post.
  • Cut up the lower case letter slice cards.
  • Make a pile of the Juice pages and a 2nd pile of slices.

Instruction for teaching alphabet letters:

Beginner Skill Level:

  • Layout Uppercase Pages that spell child's name.
  • Give child the pile of slices that only include child's name.

Skill Level Name Match:

  • Write child's name on a blank slice.
  • Set up as shown below.
  • Give child a pile of letters that comprise their name.
  • Child spells out their name, placing slices next to the A on the page- in order.

Name Skill Mastery:

Once child knows how to spell his name, and knows the name of the letters that comprise the name:

  • Practice until child recognizes both upper and lower case of the letters of her name.
  • With this skill mastered, increase the letters added to the name letter pile.
  • This supports critical thinking skills, vs memorization.
  • This method supports self confidence.

*do not worry about letter sounds during this activity*

Mastering Alphabet Activities:


  • Continue adding to the lower case slice pile a few letters at a time for each practice session, until child quickly pulls out her name letters automatically.
  • Ask what child if he would like to spell Mom or Dad, next.
  • Continue with the same steps, the next name he spells.
  • This provides “buy-in”, we enjoy learning more when we get to choose what we are learning.
  • Use this same method as child practices matching letters to other words and names. Encourage ONE syllable names.

Once child understands how to play the game because she's played it several times, incorporate letter sounds. Say the sounds and the child can repeat after you, but don't focus on the sounds if it detracts from the child learning what each letter looks like.

Two Downloads: Alphabet Juice Upper and Lower Case set, the 2nd download link is the above instructions as a printout.

Living through Learning, one slice at a time.