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Easy preschool winter science activity

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These winter science experiments  will allow children to experiment with their small hands and learn new things. 

preschool winter activities

This No-Prep STEM Winter activity provides a fun learning experience for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. This is a great small group winter activity for preschoolers.

STEM should be introduced in early childhood. I created these activities for my preschool winter curriculum. Kids bring the outdoors inside to learn about winter science.

These two winter science experiments provide a fun and interactive way to learn about science during the winter months. 

The flashlight is a favorite learning  tool for kids to explore with. 

While participating in this simple winter science activity, children will enjoy shining their flashlights on the ice to see it melt.

The ice or snow used in each winter science activity allows youngsters to conduct their own science experiments.

preschoolers winter STEM activities

These are  simple and fun winter science projects that everyone can do.

If there isn't enough snow for these winter STEM experiments, they can use ice instead.Fake snow is a simple substitute for real snow that children can use in their winter science activities as well.

For this fun winter activity, kids will need little bins or bowls, a spoon, salt and a flashlight.

preschool winter activities

Provide children with a little bin or bowl. The kids then go outside and place snow in their bowl as part of a winter learning activity.

Kids can use their little hands to collect snow as well.

After the kids come in and sit down,  hand out flashlights to each child. 

Kids love exploring their bowl of snow with flashlights.

Take care not to let the ice or snow melt too much.

Kids will need a lot of frozen snow for their next winter experiment to work.

winter science for preschoolers

The next step for this winter science activity is to remove the flashlights and give each child a small amount of salt.

Instruct the kids  to sprinkle the salt into their bowl of snow.

Encourage discussion and questions while the children conduct their STEM experiment. 

The salt should dissolve the snow. Use this article to explain to your students how salt melts snow.

Activities for Preschoolers in Winter
Exploring Snow

Give them the flashlight as they lose interest exploring their bowl of snow.

Allow plenty of time for children to explore with this flashlight for this fun winter experiment. 

Winter Science activities such as these are an excellent way for children who don't live in snowy climates to learn about the winter season.

In addition to learning to melt ice, children are also learning to think critically. 

Reading abilities are developed as children pay attention to and discuss what they see and hear.
Living Through Learning, one experiment at a time

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