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King Tut Day Preschool STEM November Theme

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Celebrate King Tut Day with this lesson building culture awareness with reading and STEM skills.

Any language is made of symbols. Using a pictorial Egyptian alphabet reinforces that each English alphabet letter means something. This Preschool STEM lesson plan provides background knowledge and context to promote reading skills.

Kids love mummies! THAT was the interest “hook”! Promote academic concepts through hands on activities.

We did these over the course of a month, one or two activities a week.
Cartography necklace made with hieroglyphs.

The Hieroglyphic necklace craft is included in the Free Download at the end of the post. There is a link to an easy pharaoh headdress to print and color which the boys enjoyed making. Students can spell their name with my alphabet pack of hieroglyphic cards. The Download also includes a book list.

After learning about pyramids and burial, they made their own “mummy” stuffed animals
Using my contact paper blocks, they built a pet cemetary and pretended to be pets in tombs.
He is being a Mummy cat like the Mummy Cat book. (1st photo)
We also built pyramids with Jenga blocks, egg carton cups,sugar cubes (i don’t recommend because they kept eating haha) and a 3d paper pyramid from a template.
Pyramid building and later days these cups became a favorite as they expanded into castle building.
Pyramid building extension activity. The next month, 4.5yo used Jenga blocks to make a sarcophogus in his own play. He also practiced drawing the “dog god” (Anubis)
The printable pack has the lesson plan, any links I used for activities, center ideas, video links.
Pick and Choose activities and levels for students!

Living through learning, one Culture at a time.