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Emotions and Color- Exploring Emotions

kids emotions art activity

This Art Therapy activity allows children to learn about their emotions by identifying what is inside, and expressing it.

I use this activity to allow children to express emotions in a concrete way.

Using color and symbols as a tool for encouraging the management and expression of emotion through creative process.

Pack includes: 32 symbols cards, 2 different jar style cards, instructions, suggested books list.

kids emotions art activity
kids emotions art activity

Instructions for Emotional Art Activity Part 2-

kids emotions art activity

Note: During the process of associating color with emotion, don't suggest a specific color.

I suggested purple for disappointment, ONLY because we learned through previous activities.

During the 1st week, we read books and discussed.

During the 2nd week, we read again and did the intro activity.

During the 3rd week, we read another book, and did Part 1.

They enjoyed this activity so much I have no photo of the cards they painted, as I was too busy to take photos.

emotion activities for kids
emotion activities for kids

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