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Free Butterfly Hunting for All.

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Low Prep and Song Play

I have been working with the 20 month old to recognize bees, butterflies and ladybugs. For her, butterflies are the easiest to recognize. This bundle goes after the ladybug set, in sequence.

Once the child is familiar with both insects, interchange ladybug/butterfly, in the song.

Don’t forget to show real photos of the insects. We have seen butterflies and one bee so far in real life on our walks. I still use real photos on my phone intermittently, especially for ladybugs and bees.

preschool five little butterflies


Finding differences helps with finding differences with letters and numbers.

preschool practice page

Visual discrimination and counting.

preschool practice page
preschool practice page

Fine Motor and Visual Discrimination.

Extend activity by counting butterflies found.

preschool practice page

This is a show and tell post, so find the download below and happy butterfly hunting!

Butterfly Preschool Practice

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