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12+ Free Robot Printable Worksheets for Valentine’s Day

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12+ Free Robot Printable Worksheets

free robot printable worksheets

Preschool is an important time for children to learn and develop a variety of skills that lay the foundation for their future learning and development.

These free robot preschool printable worksheets allow preschoolers to practice counting, patterns, subitizing, visual discrimination, alphabet letter recognition, and fine motor development.

Scroll to the end of this post to download the Free Robot Preschool Printable Worksheets for Valentine’s Day PDF.

The 11 preschool worksheets and 26 alphabet letter matching cards are included in the free Robot preschool printable worksheets pack:

  1. Roll A Robot Dice Game: Preschoolers practice subitizing, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills.
  2. Pre-Write Page Tracing Lines: Preschoolers practice writing and eye-hand coordination.
  3. Puzzles with and without numbers: Preschoolers practice cutting and critical thinking skills.
  4. The Robot worksheet cutting page allows young children to practice their cutting skills.
  5. Boy and Girl Robot Puppet Craft to make: After cutting out the robot and attaching it to a craft stick, children can pretend play along with a robot themed book.
  6. Trace Letter H (uppercase): Preschoolers say the H (is for heart) sound and trace upper case H to practice alphabet letter identification.
  7. Trace Letter r (lowercase): Young learners say the r (is for robot) sound and trace the lower case r to practice alphabet letter identification.
  8. Dots and Robots: Children count the dots and robots then write the number in the column to practice counting and subitizing skills.
  9. Patterns Worksheet: Children identify what comes next in the pattern to build math and other concept skills.
  10. Find the Differences Preschool Worksheet: Young learners build their visual discrimination skills.
  11. Find and Count Page: Children practice grouping and counting skills by writing the number of that picture in the box.
  12. 26 Alphabet recognition matching cards (upper to lowercase): Kids practice alphabet letter identification in a fun way.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Roll and Draw a Robot

The Roll-and-Draw-a-Robot game is a fun and engaging way for preschoolers to practice their drawing skills, subitizing, counting, following rules, and taking turns.

This roll and color game is specifically made to target subitizing skills. Subitizing is the ability to recognize the number of items quickly and accurately in a small set without counting them one by one.

Subitizing is an important skill for preschoolers to learn because it helps them develop their number sense and understanding of basic math concepts.

For example, when a preschooler is shown a small group of objects, such as three apples, they should be able to recognize that there are three apples without counting them individually. This allows them to begin to understand that the number three represents a specific quantity of objects.

As preschoolers play the roll and draw a robot game, they roll a dice to see what to draw on the robot. Next, the player matches the die to the correct die image on the key. Finally , the player draws the decoration that is assigned to that dice, on the robot. It is important to ensure the players count the dots on the die, once they have become familiar with how the game is played.

A roll and draw game is a simple game that involves rolling a dice and then drawing a picture based on the number that is rolled. The game can be played with a single player or with a group of players.

To play the roll and draw game, each player takes turns rolling the dice. Depending on the number that is rolled, the player must then draw the decoration onto the robot that matches that number. Players can continue the game until they have drawn each item at least one time.

I created this “Roll and Draw a Robot Dice Game” especially for young learners to practice their fine motor skills as well as build their confidence. All preschoolers are set up for success when playing this while practicing. Parents can play this game with one child, or small groups can play it in an educational setting. This is a beneficial math game to use with other hands-on preschool math activities.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Line-Tracing Pages

Line tracing is a prewriting activity that involves following a path or a line with a finger, a pencil, or another tool. Tracing lines is a good way for preschoolers to work on their fine motor skills and gain the control and dexterity they will need to write.

Line tracing also allows young learners to practice their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the small movements that involve the use of the hands, wrists, and fingers.

Line tracing worksheets are a common tool for teaching line tracing to young children. These worksheets typically consist of a series of lines or shapes that children can follow with their finger or a pencil.

Line tracing helps preschoolers to develop their visual-motor skills, as it requires them to use their eyes to guide their hand as they trace the lines. This can be an important foundation for learning to write and draw.

The free robot printable worksheet for line-tracing is a great way for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills as they trace the line from the first picture to the matching picture.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Preschool Puzzles

Puzzles require children to think critically and to solve problems, which is an effective way to teach critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking is the ability to analyze and evaluate information and in a logical and systematic way. It involves using reasoning to make informed decisions and to solve problems.

Critical thinking is an important skill for preschoolers to develop because it helps them to understand and make sense of the world around them and to solve problems in a logical way.

One free robot preschool puzzle printable has no numbers. Children cut the pieces out, then put back in order to make the robot picture.

The other free robot puzzle has a picture of a robot but also has the numbers one through five in order. Children cut the pieces out then put the puzzle together using the numbers as a guide to assemble the robot picture.

The free robot puzzles can be printed out again and again to help preschoolers practice both their fine motor skills and their critical thinking skills.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Cut-and-Paste Robots

Pretend play is an important activity for preschoolers because it helps to promote creativity, imagination, and social-emotional development.

When children engage in pretend play, they can use their imaginations to create and explore new worlds and scenarios.

Preschoolers engage in pretend play with the cut-and-paste robot puppets by creating their own puppets using scissors, glue, and a craft stick. They can use these puppets to play along with their favorite robot storybook.

Some awesome robot-themed preschool books that preschoolers can use their robot puppets with are: Robot in Love, Boy + Bot, R is for Robot, Robo Sauce, Robots Robots Everywhere, Stop! Bot!  and My teacher is a Robot.

The Robot puppets are a fun and engaging way for preschoolers to engage in pretend play and help develop important skills such as creativity, imagination, and social-emotional development.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Trace the letter H and R

Tracing letters helps children with letter recognition. Tracing letters involves following the lines of a letter with a finger or a pencil, which helps preschoolers become familiar with the shape and form of the letter.

As preschool children trace the lines of a letter, they are strengthening the muscles in their hands and fingers and improving their control and dexterity.

There are two alphabet letter tracing worksheets that coordinate with the theme of the Free Robot Printable Worksheets for Valentine’s Day. Children trace the capital letter H and say the first sound for “heart.”

For lower case alphabet letter practice, children trace the lower case r and say the first sound for “robot”.

The Robot-themed tracing letters pages are a fun and effective way for children to learn to recognize letters and also fits nicely into the robot themed worksheets and curriculum.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Dots and Robots

Counting and recognizing numbers is a basic skill that preschoolers need to learn. Subitizing is also an important skill for preschoolers to learn to recognize amounts without counting and builds a foundation for math concepts.

I created the Dots and Robots worksheet to help with both counting and subitizing. Preschoolers count the robots or the matching dot picture, then write the number at the end of the row.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Pattern Page

It is important for preschoolers to learn how to see patterns, create patterns, and recognize patterns because these skills are an important foundation for math and other areas of learning.

Recognizing patterns involves noticing and identifying repeating or predictable sequences in objects, events, or other information. This skill helps children to understand and make sense of their surroundings.

Seeing patterns is also an important foundation for learning about math concepts such as sequencing and grouping.

The pattern worksheet in the free printable robot worksheets pack has rows of A/B patterns. The A/B pattern is the first pattern preschoolers learn to identify.

Preschoolers notice and identify the pattern of the row, then draw the object that comes next in the final box of the row.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets for Visual Discrimination

“Visual discrimination” means to recognize and distinguish between different things, or to recognize small differences between similar things.

Visual Discrimination is an important skill for preschoolers to develop. It helps them to observe and understand their surroundings, and make informed decisions.

Visual Discrimination skills also provide an important foundation for more advanced thinking and problem-solving skills.

Preschoolers use the free robot printable “Find the Difference” worksheet to practice their visual discrimination skills.

This worksheet has 5 rows with four pictures. One of the objects is distinctly different then the other three pictures. Children circle the picture that is different.

Preschoolers practice their visual discrimination skills with the free robot printable worksheet in a fun way to build an important foundation for reading, writing, math, and problem-solving.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Find and Count

The “Find and Count” worksheet is similar to the I-Spy game format. This robot-themed activity sheet is a worksheet in which preschoolers must find and count objects in a picture.

Preschoolers use this page to practice a variety of skills, especially counting and grouping.

Counting and grouping skills are important for preschoolers because they are an important foundation for more advanced math skills, such as addition and subtraction.

These skills also help young learners to understand and make sense of their surroundings, and to organize and classify information in a logical way.

The free robot printable worksheets include the find and count page, which has three different types of pictures for a total of eleven. The key has three different pictures. Preschoolers count the amount in the picture, then write the number in the box.

This robot themed worksheet is a useful tool for helping preschoolers to learn important skills such as counting and grouping, and to building a foundation for future math learning.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets: Alphabet Letter Match :

These Upper Case to the Lower Case Puzzle Cards is a game that involves matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

This game is an effective way for children to learn alphabet letters because it provides a fun and engaging way for children to practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

Print out the free printable alphabet robot letter cards. Cut each 8 1/2 x 11 page in half and laminate for durability.

To play the game, children are given a set of robot puzzle cards. Preschoolers match the uppercase and lowercase letters by placing the cards together so that the uppercase and lowercase letters make a whole page.

In addition to helping kids remember the letters of the alphabet, this game can also help them improve their ability to see small differences. This is because they have to pay attention to small details in order to match the letters.

The free robot printable alphabet letter cards are a good way to start learning to read and write because it helps kids learn to use their eyes to guide their hands as they find and write the right letters.

Free Robot Printable Worksheets for Valentine’s Day Download Below

I hope you find these free, printable robot worksheets useful as supplemental material for your preschoolers. I made this when I ran a daycare-preschool in my home and needed a no-prep fill-in activity. I also read a lot of books with the children about robots and used this pack with those books.

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