Free Roll and Color the Tulip Preschool Math Game

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  Benefits of the Roll and Color Math Game:

This game focuses on subitizing. Subitizing means that one knows the number of a group of objects without actually having to count.
This game builds skills of visual discrimination.
This game builds working memory because playing the game involves three steps. Children have to remember what the number of the dice is, then find the matching amount on the page, then color that amount.

Free number worksheet game

 This game builds cooperation. Children can help each other find the number on the page and they enjoy playing together.
This game can be played in small groups.
This game is perfect for differentiated learning.
This game helps preschoolers learn their colors.
Last but not least, children build fine motor skills while playing this game!

Note: We use a big foam dice from the dollar store. The students don't have to worry about dropping the die, throwing it too hard, or losing it.

roll and color preschool math game foam die

 An academic benefit to this Preschool Roll and Color Game format is differentiation.

Why is Differentiation Important? Activities that are differentiated means that everyone learns something regardless of skill level.

“Differentiated instruction addresses the needs of students of differing abilities and learning styles in the same class”.

Anyone who has been around a group of children of the same age, probably notices kids naturally learn differently. Some children may be visual, so they have a natural bent to learning colors and shapes.

Some children are hands on learners so they may fix something easily then another child would.

I had groups of children ranging from 4 to 8 years old, many days during school vacations and summers. While we spent a lot of time outdoors, we needed something active to do together inside as well.
The 1st and 2nd graders enjoyed helping the younger children. The preschoolers enjoyed helping each other. There would be discussion about colors, and one child would say the name of the color in discussion-which helped the younger preschooler learn her colors.


If preschoolers practice – practice-THEN in Kindergarten continue- practicing- this format of subitizing? It's less likely they will lose the process when under test pressure in 1st grade.

Save this Math Game Activity for a time when you need a quick activity to plug in between curriculum due to inclement weather, or unforeseen schedule changes during the day.

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