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Is it Live, or is it a No-Prep Differentiated Math Game?

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No Prep Free Printable Roll and Color a Tree for math skills play

This game can be used for a class with students at different level of counting skills. Even 3 year old’s can match with help and color.

No Prep Free Printable Roll and Color a Tree for math skills play
Students play and practice math skills
Students build math skills playing Roll and Color A Christmas Tree
Social+ Fun+Fine Motor+Counting+1-1 Correlation+ Festive + No Prep = Awesomely Awesome

I created my “Roll A…. ” games to provide a fun number learning activity for my group of students that were at different skill levels. I have used them whenever I can, the students frequently asked for the game the day after!

A format to target math and social skills for : One delayed preschooler, one advanced preschooler, a Kindergarten and a First grade student.

The game format also builds social skills. Learning to wait and take turns take practice. They game is fast moving because the turns go by quickly. However, it can take some time rolling that dice over and over to get the last number. However the triangles provide enough space so preschoolers can color while waiting for their turn. This prepared my preschoolers for kindergarten structure.

Another advantage was I could get cleanup or another activity prepared while the students played. I would check in and comment on pictures with identification “oh I noticed you colored your triangle purple”! Or, “oh did you color your circle decorations orange?” “Cool!” After the game we might look at and compare and contrast all of the awesome decorating, making sure to state the shapes again. Rectangle and Square were frequently confused.

Pack includes: Terms of Use page, Game Instructions Page, Finished Tree Page, Standard Tree Game Page (shown) and No Colors Key Game Page

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