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Kids Money Management unit- free printable pack

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So I hired the 3rd grader to mow my lawn for 20$. He asked my husband to stop at the convenience store on the way home, where he bought 17$ worth of candy! I did came up with this curriculum and I did the same with my kids, informally, back in the day. For this unit, I used an article on as a guideline, referenced in the printable pack. School teaches the identification and technicalities of money, it doesn’t teach the mechanics of using money as a tool.

There’s a vocabulary list to review with your student/kid, and here is a worksheet for her to practice.

Vocabulary: Why didn’t I include bank in the vocabulary words? Because the traditional brick and mortar bank that we know, is gradually going the way of the dinosaurs. The bank with the highest Savings account return, is CitiBank, an online only bank.

Next is a spending plan questionnaire, he can write his answers:

Then, there is a worksheet to print off and subtract each category, to use whenever she receives money, before spending.

You can set up a kid account at the bank like my friend does for the 8 yo, or you can use real money jars. Or if you don’t want to use that, I made these for use as virtual money jars. There’s a few versions of the money jar pages in the pack.

Living through Learning, One Dollar at a Time