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Literacy + Easy= Preschool Egyptian Necklace

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“Joelle” Name Example for the egyptian necklace
Preschool Egyptian Necklace
Preschool Egyptian Necklace= Cartouche

This activity helps my preschoolers realize the context behind letters. It’s easier to comprehend context, because there are pictures representing letters.

no prep= printable+glue+ribbon

They are enthusiastic about seeing their names another way.

I have a personal passion for all artistic expressions,Art Deco being one of my fav’s. Art Deco, and other art forms are influenced by Egyptian expression.

In the American school System, we frequently introduce older cultures in junior high and high school. This doesn’t make sense to me.

If preschoolers can understand dinosaurs, they can understand people lived a long time ago. I use a map/globe, to show them where we are-and Egypt. Preschoolers have no problem with the general knowledge of this.

Preschool is the perfect age to introduce older cultures, they are still curious and interested in everything. Their brains are still growing like a weed! By junior high, we are competing with the instant gratification of technology/gaming.

The instructions and the book titles we read for this are in the download.

WARNING: use supervision while students are making/wearing necklace. *choking * tie it loosely & make sure it goes OVER the head.