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NEXT-Preschool Positional Practice with Elephants

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Preschool Positional Practice
Preschool Positional Practice
Preschool Positional Practice Elephants

1 thing a lot of parents don’t realize is how knowing positional words helps with vocabulary, verbalization=reading and comprehension. It’s also a brain growth critical thinking thing.

This is a beginner’s practice page- introducing positional words.

Take the page and introduce the words while using a manipulative. (object) It can be anything small to place in different positions over the flower image with the elephant.

I usually grab whatever is close. Usually a glass stone or eraser, or even a small toy the student is fond of.


  1. Based on the student’s attention span, quickly or slowly place manipulative on each position and say the word.
  2. Have the student move the manipulative and say the word, or repeat the word after you, based upon individual knowledge.
  3. Based on the student’s interest, do this a number of times in different order. Take turns, similar to a game format.
  5. At the end of activity, go REALLY fast and silly, and the student does the same.
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