Roll and Color PreK Math Printable

PreK Math Game

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There are several skills kids learn while playing this PreK Math game. Children will practice their fine mother skills and color identification skills while playing.

The game's format is interactive which allows a child to apply what is learned. Kids also gain confidence because they can count the dots and color independently.

Roll and Color PreK Math Game

How to play this PreK Math Game:

  1. Make sure each student has: The math game page, and coloring tools.
  2. To see who takes the first turn, each student rolls the die. The player with the highest number goes first.
  3. Turns are taken in a clockwise direction.
  4. When a player rolls the die, they color the section of the picture that matches the number that was rolled.
  5. If the number has been rolled already, the student passes their turn.
  6. There is no winner really. The goal is to complete the coloring of the picture.
roll and color preschool math game foam die

Learning Benefits of the Roll and Color Math Game:

Children will learn important skills while having fun! This game will help kids learn how to pay attention to what they see. The ability to pay attention to what we see is called visual discrimination and is a skill used when identifying alphabet letters.
When kids play this game, they learn how to better subitize. Subitizing is when you know how many things there are in a group without having to count them.

Children play this Spiral Flower PreK Math Game to help build counting, subitizing and visual discrimination skills.

Finally, this game is easily played by one child, or by kids in a small group. Children cooperate while helping each other find their matching number. Differentiated learning is built into this game as children practice everything from fine-motor skills to memory skills! Kids always have a blast playing this interactive game!

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