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Preschool Process Art Project-Snowman

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Easy and fun for kids, here’s a blow by blow using photos. NO prep other then laying out supplies and cutting a potato.

preschool process craft
SUPPLIES: potato, paint stick, white paint, hat paint, paintbrush, glue, Qtip, poms.
preschool process art
Glitter glue and wiggly eyes OPTIONAL
. Cut a potato in half, cut one half end off for the hat. Set aside with paint for hat, and paint container.
preschool process art

dip the half potato and stamp onto paper

preschool process art project
Potato stamps, let dry for a few minutes as necessary.

Let dry as needed, the Qtip snow is next.

After snow, glue poms to hats. Draw carrot nose with paint stick and glue on eyes.

Living through Learning, one potato, two potato.