Preschool Spring Math Game

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This Preschool Spring Math Game helps kids practice vital skills and have fun at the same time!

There are several skills kids learn while playing this Preschool Spring Math game. Children practice their fine mother skills and color identification skills while playing. The game's format is interactive which allows a child to apply what is learned. Kids also gain confidence because they can count the dots and color independently.

How to play this math game:

  1. Make sure each student has: The math game page, and coloring tools.
    2. To see who takes the first turn, each student rolls the die. The player with the highest number goes first.
    3. Turns are taken in a clockwise direction.
    4. Players color the matching section of the number they have rolled.
    5. If the number has been rolled already, the student passes their turn.
    6. There is no winner really. The goal is to complete the coloring of the picture.

(Note: We use a big foam dice from the dollar store. The students don't have to worry about dropping the die, throwing it too hard, or losing it.)

roll and color preschool math game foam die

Roll and Color Learning Benefits:

Visualization Discrimination Skills

Children practice visual discrimination skills by discerning how many dots are on the die.


As children play and match the amount rolled on the die, they learn subitizing.
Subitizing means that one knows the number of a group of objects without actually having to count.

Playing this game also helps children strengthen their working memory.

Working Memory Skills

Kids build their working memory skills while playing this game because the game requires using the same 3 steps over and over:

  1. The player has to remember what the number of the dice is.
  2. Find the matching amount on the page.
  3. Color that amount.

Roll and Color a Rainbow has other benefits, too. One of the cool things about this game is that layers help each other find the number on the page. Another great thing about this game is that it helps kids learn their colors as they play.

Kids also practice learning their colors when playing this game.

If your students enjoyed playing this Roll and Color a Rainbow Game, they might also enjoy playing the Roll and Color a Flower game!

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