Preschool Chinese New Year Activity Storytelling Puppet

Preschool Chinese New Year Activity Storytelling Puppet

preschool literacy activity
Compare, Contrast and Imaginative Play


Preschool Literacy Practice:

  • Repeating stories build literacy comprehension skills. 
  • Repeating stories build sequencing skills and allows children to make up their own stories.
  • When children learn how to make up their own stories and can tell stories in an order that makes sense; they build a foundation for reading.

Read each book by itelf at least 3 different times to the class, over one or two weeks.

Now you are ready to start a discussion about the similarities, differences and what are the same with the class.

Exploring similarities and differences builds literacy and critical thinking skills

  • Spotting differences visually with pictures, builds the skills necessary to notice how differences in alphabet letters are formed.
  • Spotting differences helps problem solving (critical thinking) skills. Practicing problem solving stimulates brain neurons and brain growth.
  1. Hold up the books, examining and opening a discussion about the 1st story, then the 2nd.
  2. Flip through the Princess or a Dragon first page. Enter into a class conversation about the book main features page by page.  A girl, A dragon, eating, etc.
  3. Then flip through the My 1st New Year book and repeat the same precedure.
  4. Finally, Display the books side by side, and encourage discussion about : same, different, similar.


Activity to Preschool Fine Motor Skills:

  • Print the puppets out and have the children cut them out. I printed mine out in black and white so the children could color.
  • Have children place stick in desired place on back, and tape with shipping tape.
  • Give children books and puppets and encourage them to go into freeplay with puppets and books and tell their own story.

Skill building:

  • pre reading
  • pre writing
  • language
  • comprehension
  • fine motor skills

Free Printable Chinese New Year Preschool Activity download below